Pharmacists prepare to sell their souls

gwimweeper, Mar 9, 4:10pm
"The Pharmacy Council’s previous code required that credible evidence of efficacy exist for any products sold at pharmacies. "

That credible evidence of efficacy requirement goes out the window on March 12 when their new code takes effect.

Expect to see magic water on sale with quite a mark up in those pharmacies who don't mind sacrificing professional standards for profit.

spyware, Mar 9, 6:32pm
You mean like Rescue Remedy.

radars1, Mar 9, 6:39pm
Decent pharmacists won’t recommend anything without evidence. However customers will buy anything even if no evidence exists because they believe it works and expect to be able to purchase these products. Eg homeopathics.

norse_westie, Mar 9, 7:26pm
Doctors have been prescribing placebos for years yet no one complains.

blackcathex, Mar 9, 8:07pm
What's the difference?

schnauzer11, Mar 9, 9:27pm
Please name some examples of the placebos.

spyware, Mar 10, 9:00am
Any type of cough medicine.

radars1, Mar 10, 9:18am
Really, I haven’t seen it in years

janbodean, Mar 10, 10:03am
For sure.

medicina, Apr 12, 12:30pm
If a person want's to purchase a perfectly safe product with no interactions, that will not cause any harm, for a condition that is not life-threatening or likely to worsen over a few days, and they strongly believe that this will benefit them, who is going to stop them? Who has the right to destroy their faith? Their faith may be the very thing enabling the healing via placebo effect. I don't know any registered medical professional that would recommend homeopathy as first-line treatment or claim it is scientifically proven, but I don't think that the option should be off the table. I sucessfully treated my own children's ailments with a spoonful of Barker's cordial on multiple occasions --hope they're not reading this and discover the 'medicine' secret.

lythande1, Dec 1, 5:07pm
They do that now. And always have.
Vitamins, cough syrup, all sorts.

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