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badams1, Oct 13, 10:50am
i recall clearly, being in a rest home over the lunch period.A resident asked for a cheese sandwich instead of the pumpkin soup. The aide went into the kitchen and came back . Sorry we haven't got any cheese. The resident called back, I pay $1300.00 a week , and i cant get a bloody cheese sandwich. The next day ,my mother said they shipped her out . A terrible shame, as we need oldies that will question things. I often wonder what happened to her.

alston, Oct 13, 11:38am
I commented my mother’s frailty, while she was in a closed unit, she was still using a walker, they preferred she stay in the unit. Any how when she was moved she somehow slipped out, so she went back to the dementia ward.For her it was like going home.

grandmasue1, Oct 13, 3:38pm
One of the best things that any of us who have the time to do so is visit a care facility around mealtimes and help with feeding those who can no longer feed themselves. This helps the staff, the resident and yourself to be aware of what is being fed and to whom.
I found that this was a good activity with my father when he could no longer communicate easily.

lyndad59, Oct 13, 4:02pm
He can't even get out of bed these days & when they do get him up he is in a wheelchair

lyndad59, Oct 13, 4:06pm
Please don't get me wrong ,the staff are wonderful it's just there isn't enough of them :( When you think how much a week is paid ,surely the staff could get a descent wage & the Homes employ some more of them .

seashore, Oct 13, 4:11pm
Catlin, gosh, from the changes you, ve noted, yes, someone, s trying to save money at the expense of residents. Its like that message on I pay 1300 a week and cant get a cheese sandwich!. Why cant the residents have jam. Marmalade and marmite on their toast?. Maybe the new owners are foreigners and dont understand thats what many kiwis are used to?. Plain toast, not interesting, toast with those toppings, lovely. Some of the cheaper jams such as Pams must be able to be bulk brought at even cheaper rates. Marmite has lots of essential vitamins.
The idea that powdered milk tastes the same is also incorrect and yes, its use
may well deter people used to fresh milk from having thaving their cereals or
enjoying them.
I presume they have also got rid of proper butter?. Margine can actually be quite unhealthy I gather.
I share your concern. And since many residents are unable to voice their, s
and it seems if they do complain, there can be consequences, its only family
and other visitors who can monitor these sorts of matters. It sounds as if a
few rest homes do take their responsibilities on nutrition needs seriously but
others, well, I could get very upset on my relatives behalf. My poor mother
had to spend a few days in what was spend to be one of the better homes in
Tauranga after leaving Whakatane Hospital. The food I found was poor. On a
hot summer, s day, the residents were being served well boiled mince, cabbage and potato.
My mother had been strict vegetarian for 20 or 30 years. The whole
home smelt of urine and cabbage on that day, overwhelmingly so. We
sneaked her out and home next day to convalesce. I think her stay there was
costing ACC over 2000 dollars a week.
The food was appalling.
Please let us know how the home responds to the concerns when you raise them. Sadly, it wont be the first time that a change in ownership or management has seen a tightening of belts and hardship for residents, who have little defence. The quality of food directly impacts on residents well being and should not be used to save a few dollars at the expense of this.

catlin3, Oct 17, 10:01am
Thanks Seashore for your message, yes sadly it appears they have bought the business to make money and are not too concerned on the residents welfare. I attended a residents meeting yesterday where all the concerns were raised as well as others, interesting to note new owners didn't bother to attend. Another meeting is scheduled in three weeks so will be interesting to see what they do about the complaints.

They are not foreign just cutting all corners, the staff are brilliant in there so breakfast spreads have returned, now just fighting the margarine and powdered milk, will be keeping a close eye on the quality of the food as new owners have also decided to only food shop once a fortnight now - how they expect fruit/veges to be fresh for that length of time will remain to be seen, we always take mum in some fresh fruit to have when we visit. Staff are really good and tell us plus we can check it out.

They have also sent my father a letter saying they will start charging for extra continence products, will be interesting to see what they decide to charge.

Sadly i think the reputation of the place will go down, they have already lost staff as have been treating them badly as well - their meeting is on wednesday.

Interesting to note that they advised the Ministry of Health that " there will be no changes to the philosophy of the service until they are well established in their roles and also confirmed that there would be no changes to any aspect of the service until they had reviewed current processes and systems" and yet started making changes immediately!

madspinna, Dec 6, 12:58pm
Charging or extra continence products, now I have heard everything!
Having worked in an elder care facility I can identify with the food criticism and understaffing etc but this is the first time I've heard of charging for being incontinent.

cgvl, Feb 22, 5:46pm
Yes some do unfortunately, not all pads but over so many a month.
My Dad was in one and he used to complain occasionally re the meals ie a frankfurter but no sauce offered. My sister used to often take him meals from home especially if we knew that the evening meal was one he wouldn't eat.

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