Access to MRI and Xrays

rastas1nz, Dec 29, 12:20pm
I had MRI and Xrays taken a few years ago and I want to see a private specialist soon to diagnose a different problem that I have. Are private specialists able to access the MRI an Xrays that are on record?, would they be accessible by using my patient number?. Thanks.

kateley, Dec 29, 3:13pm
if you contact the place where you had the MRI and Xray they should give you a copy of the results that you can take to the new specialist. Of course, tests a few years old may not be relevant now

lazkaz, Dec 29, 4:35pm
All medical files are now kept on line, and can be seen by appropriate medical specialist. I was going through my medical file at the hospital recently as some information is lost, and saw stuff that was quite old, and from different hospitals. MRI and scans etc are all there.

jase.and.jules, Dec 29, 8:26pm
No. Not all systems are compatible and not all doctors have access to files from different organisations. You’re entitled to the results, or the doctor can request a copy on your behalf (this usually takes some time).

brightlights60, Dec 29, 11:11pm
This. Depends on which system the original MRI, x-ray or scan was on. The PACS system is the one generally but not always used by hospitals and specialists. Might pay to check up on it yourself through where it was originally done, tell them which specialist you are going to.

lissie, Dec 30, 10:05am
You need to check we Went private for an angiogram a few years ago and neither the specialist at the public hospital nor the gp has them

rastas1nz, Jan 10, 7:49am
Thanks for the information everyone very helpful. I will contact the specialist first to see what is best for him.

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