Hip j deterioration - how quickly does this occur?

hoarder85, Apr 6, 5:24pm
Is it possible for a hip to go from normal (according to Xray) to needing replacement in a 6 year period?

The j should read joint!

jacinda2059, Apr 6, 5:42pm
i would say it depends on you age, and what work you are doing, and if you have arthritis or not, iam seeing specialist tomorrow morning, about my hip, was okay 6years ago, but has given me trouble last 6mths

catdog68, Apr 6, 6:18pm
I've had arthritis in my left hip for 8 years. It was xrayed back then, along with my right hip which was giving me a lot of grief. Right hip had labral tears and FAI and had arthroscopy on it but as I already had arthritis in it, the arthoscopy wasn't very successful and I had a THR 6 years ago. The left hip gives me problems now and then, but as long as I exercise (aqua jogging, cycling, walking, strengthening exercises), it isn't too bad. Although lately it has been deteriorating as has been more painful. I haven't had an xray on it since the one I had 8 years ago, which showed very mild arthritis at the time. Doctor would only xray it again if it becomes more debilitating. So in answer to your question, I think the progress of arthritis would vary from person to person and exercise, weight etc would probably affect the progress of it.

kacy5, Apr 6, 8:21pm
Mine packed up in less time than that. Get onto it quickly as it won't get any better but will get worse. A replacement is great and gives you your life back.

hoarder85, Apr 7, 1:10am
Thanks for the responses.

My Dad had a hip replacement about 6 years ago (he is now 64) due to an abnormality of the joint - don't think it was arthritis. His other (good) hip was xrayed at the time and had no issues. This hip is now giving him a bit of grief (referral pain down the front of the leg and into the hip). He's pretty active, normal BMI, good diet.

He's happy to get it replaced (had no issues with the last replacement) but I'm wondering whether it's more likely to be a back issue due to the fact his hip was fine not so long ago.

alston, Apr 7, 2:02am
Front of thighs and back pain aches can be referred pain from a hip. See the doctor, or the specialist that did his previous hip. I never had hip pain as such but did have the occasional pain in leg and back. Within a year both hips were replaced after an X-ray requested by a physiotherapist. So not always straight forward.

lythande1, Apr 7, 10:24am
Debatable about "needing" replacement.
But deterioration? yes it can. as has been said, weight can affect that, activity etc.
Replacement isn't a magic bullet. They can only do it max 3 times. Then you're legless. The cermaic ones they yse now, claims of 10-20 yrs are just that, they haven't got enough evidence yet, so said my surgeon.

It can dislocate, your artificial joint is a target for super bugs and they wear out quicker than the real ones.

So me, I'm with catdog68, keep your own as long as you can. Being sensible about it, it can last quite a long time, with care. and exercise (gentle) to stop it seizing up.

kacy5, Apr 7, 8:51pm
I have a friend, born with dislocated hips, who had both hers replaced many years ago and she was told they would last 10 years. Despite being obese she said her hips are still good but they won't do her knees until she loses weight.

kacy5, Apr 7, 8:55pm
I had bad pain down the front muscle and into my groin which I thought was caused by slipping in the muddy paddock. I had very little hip pain until the last six months which made me get it seen to and by then I needed a replacement.

ferrit47, Apr 7, 9:29pm
It depends on the person. It differs sometimes.

ferrit47, Apr 9, 11:54am
Come over To Total Hip Replacement Thread and ask any questions you may want to ask. Someone will help you.

grrrahaaam, Apr 9, 10:03pm
I have had a dull ache in my right hip for 20 odd years I reckon. Possibly it is getting progressively worse but subtle and not hindering me. I am fairly active. I had it x rayed may be 10 or more years ago, showed osteoarthritis wear. I assume one day it will pack up, possibly quickly, so a concern. I am 60, I hope for the best.

ferrit47, Nov 30, 3:56am
Sounds like its just wear & Tear grrrahaamm.

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