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tegretol, Dec 1, 6:12pm
Realistically, what value do you place on your health? Ya can't take it with you so why not spend it?

olwen, Dec 2, 10:41am
I just don't have the money to spend. I gave up the things like a cup of coffee and meals out years ago.

boatie1, Dec 2, 5:02pm
Strewth olwen, just get on with it. Despite all the good advice here it's obvious you are going to challenge it.
Take ownership of your situation - and good luck - hope the outcome is favourable.

olwen, Dec 3, 12:38am
Well I said I'll do it. The nurse at the doctor's surgery is supposed to tell the GP when she gets back from two weeks leave. Then I guess I'll wait a while for an appointment. I feel it will be favourable (why I said no at first).

princess52, Dec 4, 4:52pm
I’ve had a few colonoscopies and gastroscopies. I also worked as a RN in an Endoscopy Unit. Quite a lot of people have gastroscopy with out sedation. Much less common to have a colonoscopy with no meds. I saw one person do it.

grandmasue1, Dec 4, 8:23pm
You may have to wait 6 months .

dennyr, Dec 9, 10:46am
I had a colonoscopy a couple of months ago and had no sedation, the procedure was simple and painless. I could quite easily have driven home but a friend offered to collect me. Olwen , just a suggestion, maybe if you joined some community groups in your area and got involved with some volunteering work you may make some new friends, There are likely to be other occasions when you will need a friends help or you could help someone , this could be the time to reach out in the community. Failing that your area must have a community health shuttle.

olwen, Dec 9, 10:59am
How do you know I am not in groups? I am in several, but it would need to be an extremely close friend I'd want to involve in my medical matters.

I just looked and I see there is a St John shuttle. I've seen people using it. I'd always thought it would be a paid service you needed approval for. I know that they charge quite a lot to transfer people from hospital to rest homes.

grandmasue1, Feb 23, 2:53am
Where I am the St John Shuttle expects a donation of around $30. Still cheap transport.

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