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spyware, Nov 20, 5:58pm
At Southern Endoscopy I just had to sign a waiver so they have no responsibility for having nobody to check on me.

kacy5, Nov 20, 6:07pm
Depends how 'tight' you are Olwen. I went private to the specialist for bleeding and it turned out to be a minor problem but he couldn't fix it without sedation. It was me, not the problem that prevented it being done easily. He had just had a cancellation on the rural hospital bus and as it was handy to me it was done 3 days later. Unfortunately they found another problem which had me in ChCh Public a month later where another colonoscopy fixed it before it turned into a problem. Both times my lift home had to physically come and pick me up from the ward/bus but I can't recall anything being signed to say they had to stay for 24 hours. It was suggested they stay for a few hours when I was taken home but it wasn't possible and I was fine, carried on as normal.

onefield1, Nov 20, 6:28pm
Would different surgeons have different protocols, I wonder.

grandmasue1, Nov 21, 12:01pm
You were 30 years younger in the '80's.

Methinks you are putting up barriers. We have Red Cross drivers in our town and also St John Health Shuttle. There is usually some help available in small towns or you can be kept overnight.

It must be very hard for you being so alone.

gamefisher, Nov 21, 6:31pm
Having a support person is not all about the sedation part it is also the medical profession making sure you are OK & supported afterwards in case something is found. They may find polyps that are removed as they may lead to cancer prevention is better than the cure. Just had my third one today I was awake most of the time took 25 minutes.

olwen, Nov 21, 7:07pm
They will probably find nothing. The medical profession cares nothing about support in my experience. And if they do, my decision is already made.

aktow, Nov 22, 2:22am
i wonder if people are confusing a endoscopy test (down throat) with a Colonoscopy ( up anus) .i have had both . the endoscopy i had it done 4 times but the last time they had to put me out due to heavy gag reflex,,
i have had a colonoscopy test two times ,,one this year,, i did feel slight pressure when they put the colonoscope in and a feeling of wanting to go to the toilet but it only lasted a few seconds, both times i had no pain what's so ever,, straight after the test i got changed and out the door in under 5 minutes,

the worst part is the prep you have to do for the Colonoscopy.
i had to drink 3 litres of horrible disgusting tasting drink,, they give you a plan for what to eat and when to stop eating, even when to drink the horrible drink,
my test was put off for 2 hours because my bowels were not empty. i had to drink 2 more litres of that sickly tasting drink.

olwen, Nov 22, 8:22am
I had a gastroscope around 15 years ago with no sedation. I needed to discuss surgery at an appointment the same day, and as it was private, and a re-do I wanted to negotiate terms. The gag reflex wasn't pleasant, but it was the worse thing about it.

I think both are endoscopy, Isn't anything with a camera on a wire that can go inside endoscopy? ENT use a similar one to check noses and throats. My partner had one through his nose to his throat a couple of times for his cancer.

nzjay, Nov 25, 8:50pm
OP, you should have it done, it's surprising what they find and can do something about before it becomes too late, or at least gives the doctors better diagnosis.
It is pretty well painless. I've had 4 now I think, the first found polyps, one of which was pre-cancerous and starting to go cancerous. So that alone saved me years of bowel cancer issues and treatment or possible death.
If you are lucky, you might be able to see the screen, or even ask for a recording perhaps of the procedure. Fascinating!

olwen, Nov 25, 10:20pm
I've said I will have it. But prefer without sedation if that is possible. I'd like to watch. I was able to watch when I had a barium x-ray of my stomach some years back. There was a problem with my gastric bypass and it was very obvious.

jaybee43, Nov 27, 7:30pm
I have IBS and also type 1 diabetes I have lost weight and I am already petite and can't put weight on, I am meant to be having a colongraphy but have put it off until January it's the prep the day before I am worried about as I am so thin and you can't eat anything for hours and I need to be so careful with the diabetes, so not sure what I will do as yet

coralsnake, Nov 27, 7:38pm
Had mine down at Ch'ch. As I lived on my own was not allowed to come home. Pre-arranged prior to the procedure was to taxi me at their expense to a rest home where I over-nighted.
Unfortunately it was the one weekend my son was out of town so I had to catch a cab home which was something like $26.

spyware, Nov 27, 7:43pm
Sedation (fentanyl+midazolam) doesn't really sedate very much, just makes you feel relaxed and not notice any pain.

spyware, Nov 27, 7:44pm
Colonography isn't the best procedure though. i would change to colonoscopy.

jaybee43, Nov 27, 8:13pm
really why would you change to a colonoscopy

spyware, Nov 27, 9:48pm

gilligee, Nov 27, 10:57pm
I always have sedation and always am able to watch the screen.

olwen, Nov 28, 12:12pm
I just want to able to drive home

jaybee43, Nov 28, 4:14pm
is the prep exactly the same for a colonoscopy though

veejay13, Nov 28, 4:22pm
No, not at all the same - colonography prep is much kinder.

spyware, Nov 28, 6:25pm
Both procedures use the same prep, i.e., picosalax.

trogedon, Nov 28, 6:31pm
I had one last year (my mum died at a relatively young age of Bowel Cancer – grew up on a farm etc eating lots of red meat). Mine was a clean as a whistle – being Vegan. I wanted to and thought I could drive home but after waiting some time afterwards I realised it would be too dangerous and got a ride. Please don’t risk it.

veejay13, Nov 28, 6:53pm
Spyware, I didn't have the same prep each time. With the colonoscopy I had to drink litres and litres the night before - it was really painful until it "worked". With the colonography I had small doses of whatever it was over a much longer period - about 24 hours I think - no pain at all. The diet side of it was pretty much the same.

grandmasue1, Nov 28, 7:35pm
Different invasive procedures need a different preparations and timing, I have a few up ones and a few down ones and about about four different preps.

joberri, Nov 28, 8:42pm
I have just gone through this, started with a colonoscopy then a colongraphy, which found lesions on ovaries, then had a ultrasound last week and now needing blood tests and a vist to Gyno to rule out Ovarian cancer. Lesions would not have been found if I had not gone ahead with these procedures.

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