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olwen, Jan 3, 2:45pm
Let me tell you, that a) I didn't wait six months, and b) managed a colonoscopy and gastroscopy together with no sedation (against the doctor's advice). St John shuttle did not return my call. I had a tiny polyp removed.

princess52, Jan 3, 3:49pm
Glad it’s done and the news is good. Also glad you managed with no sedation as you wished

olwen, Jan 3, 4:00pm
I feel good for having it over. It was less fuss without sedation. They tried to put an IV line in as a precaution and couldn't get it it, so just as well I'd said no sedation.

grandmasue1, Jan 4, 5:48pm
Good to have the update and know that all is well.

My next procedure at Endoscopy Clinic is 2 weeks away, a modified Sigmoidoscopy where they will attempt to expand the stricture I have following removal of my sigmoid colon.
It is rather intriguing all that can be done vie the back door.
y questions are (1) Why is it called a Sigmoidoscopy when I don't have a Sigmoid Colon. (2) Why was I scheduled originally this time round for a Colonoscopy when I don't have a Colon?
I was sent 4 sachets of KleenPrep (oh joy) but now I will be having an Enema then air inserted.
I will be returning the KleenPrep unused.

kacy5, Jan 4, 9:03pm
Great news Olwen and good you could do it without sedation. No more worries in that area now.

Wishing you the same good news GMS. You certainly have had your share of surgery so I hope you don't need anymore unless it is to improve what has already been done---not take more away.

olwen, Nov 20, 9:23am
My blood tests came back as iron deficient. I think it's diet but my doctor was suggesting further screening for bowel cancer. Like a colonoscopy or colon CT scan. I said that I thought it was diet and she left me to think about it.

But then I spent the weekend thinking. It may also give some clues about what I've always thought of as irritable bowel. So I'm thinking I'll ring up and say "Let's do it".

Then there's the question of sedation. I won't be able to drive home if I'm sedated. I have no-one to take me and no public transport. Really can't afford taxis. I had a gastroscopy without sedation and the worst thing was the gagging reflex.

Who has has a colonoscopy without sedation, and was it doable? I had a colonoscopy maybe 35 years ago. I don't remember being sedated, I do remember some of it. I think I saw a screen.

jbsouthland, Nov 20, 9:31am
I have regular ones , part of familial cancer screening .
Always been awake throughout them . the last one was not pleasant as my bowel had looped . still better to know and be tested I feel .
Everyone is kind , caring and considerate . if you have any fears they may give you more sedation , many of my friends have been asleep throughout the procedure.
Getting to and from hospital is a problem for many of us , but a taxi maybe the answer and the gift you give yourself . you also need someone in your house overnight in case of any adverse reactions . just a simple safety precaution .

olwen, Nov 20, 9:35am
I don't have any fears. But I just really do have no-one close.

jbsouthland, Nov 20, 9:44am
Could a kind neighbour step in to help ?
Is there a friend who could come stay for a few days around the procedure ?
There possibly is a Rotary type organisation who for a gold coin take people to and from the hospital ?
Most hosp have volunteers who can help .

onefield1, Nov 20, 9:52am
You need to have someone with you for 24 hours in case of bleeding, perforation, etc. If you have no-one they will send you to a retirement home to be looked after for that time.

olwen, Nov 20, 9:55am
I have to take care of the dog, I didn't have to have anyone with me in the 80's.

kacy5, Nov 20, 9:58am
They didn't for me and I was own after my friend left from dropping me home. I had to get home for my dogs and cats too.

Olwen, a friend had the procedure done and drove home. She even rang to check she was allowed to but they pumped gas into her and examined her that way, no sedation required and painless she said. I think it may be under another name but do ask about it.

olwen, Nov 20, 10:06am
That's what I thought. If I can do it without sedation and drive home I will. I think I'll phone the practice nurse and tell them.

olwen, Nov 20, 10:17am
Just phoned the nurse. GP away for two weeks (she's allowed I guess) so have to wait.

joberri, Nov 20, 12:45pm
They pump gas in for the Colon Scan, had it done 8 weeks ago, no problems at all but was advised to have somone drive me home, no that I needed them.

spyware, Nov 20, 12:49pm
Standard mix is fentanyl and midazolam.

kacy5, Nov 20, 1:59pm
That's what my friend had done, no problems driving 45 minutes home she said.

cleo444, Nov 20, 2:25pm
Olwen I have had two and couldn't have done it without sedation, they had to give me more during it as it was very painful. You really do need someone to drive you home anyway and you shouldn't be alone. Talk to your doctor before making the decision. I believe they always pump gas in to make it easier to get the camera around.

onefield1, Nov 20, 4:51pm
It must depend on where you live. In Christchurch your friend or relative has to sign a form promising to stay with you 24 hours.The info pack also says the Health Board will provide alternative accommodation if there is nobody available. I'm sure they said a rest home.

dollydot, Nov 20, 5:08pm
My elderly aunty may be needing a colonoscopy and was told by her specialist if she required a colonoscopy they'd keep her in hospital to do the prep, have the colonoscopy and stay there until she was OK to go home.

Do you have a Driving Miss Daisy or other companion driving co in your area? This is the type of thing I do often, driving elderly to and from home after tests and making sure they are OK. I was required to stay with one person for 3 hours after they'd had some dental implants done. It can give peace of mind to the person having the procedure and their family if they can't be there to help.

jbsouthland, Nov 20, 5:15pm
Yes they do pump air in , I had three lots of sedation in total needed last time and two nurses pushing down on my stomach to straighten the looping . none of this was known to be needed prior to the first sedation given . hence they would advise always to have a pick up person .The hospital does not need the responsibility of someone going home alone even though complications are rare .
OP there will be someone able to help you .

olwen, Nov 20, 5:19pm
There is Driving Miss Daisy, but I don't imagine it comes cheap to have someone stay with you for a few hours, and people tend to judge my lack of housekeeping. I think Driving Miss Daisy has only one driver here.

I don't have family who would worry over me. I'm not telling anyone at this stage.

If it is going to be a hassle I won't have the colonoscopy. I don't know that I would accept treatment for cancer if they found any.

jbsouthland, Nov 20, 5:21pm
Is there an Age Concern where you live . ring them .

olwen, Nov 20, 5:29pm
The instructions on the ADHB website say that you can have it without sedation if you don't have a driver, and certainly don't say someone has to stay with you.

If I can do a gastroscope with no sedation surely a colonoscopy can't be that different.

spyware, Nov 20, 5:54pm
I would hate the thought. Its not just the benzodiazepine (midazolam) but a powerful opiate (fentanyl) that is given. My procedure took over an hour because the laxative doesn't work well on me (took 14 hours until first event) so they had to give enema.

After all that and the opinion of a gastroenterologist who claimed I had IBS. I actually have some type of chronic proctalgia.

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