Arthritic knee

onefield1, Jun 7, 3:18pm
I had a knee replacement a few years ago and now the other knee is starting to go. I am in the habit of taking long walks and I'm not sure whether to keep on doing this for as long as I am able or to ease off in case it is making the knee wear out quicker. Any advice please?

grouch, Jun 7, 7:17pm
I would say your knee is going to wear out anyway and I say walk while you can

deraz, Jun 7, 9:49pm
Bone broth.
A teaspoon of gelatin in hot water every night or more if you can drink it.
I put a tablespoon in cocoa powder.

boatie1, Jun 8, 7:36am
Agree. Same with my hips. Stop walking and you have other side effects to deal with. Maybe a second replacement is the option.

lythande1, Jun 8, 8:04am
How long a replacement lasts does have a lot to do with what you do. The surgeon would have explained all that.
So, have walks, just not as long.

alston, Nov 8, 8:09am
Swimming, warm pool handy? Use that daily, much easier on joints, just walking in the pool. Gentle on knees and hips.

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