Mattress Topper, is it worth paying more for

jan2242, Jan 5, 10:29am
Memory foam compared to huge density foam? The price difference seems huge. I have an orthopedic mattress 10 years old that needs replacing but no funds to do this for a time. I am thinking of getting a topper to help with back pain and prolong the inevitable. I would appreciate any advice.

kacy5, Jan 5, 12:49pm
A friend, who really feels the cold and usually has winter sheets on all year, found the Memory Foam too hot in summer even after putting light sheets on her bed. Winter time, she loves it.

winnie54, Jan 5, 2:38pm
Bought this off here for my daughter. TSB Living. She is thrilled as her mattress was not at all good. springs prodding through and it was only couple years old.Good buy for under $200

my4grandies, Jan 5, 3:11pm
Bed, bath& beyond have a fitted topper, not foam but they are great. Often come up " on special" for about $100. Warm in the winter but not too hot for the summer. Would recommend them

lyndad59, Jan 5, 3:19pm
I fine NONE of them work ,I just get 2 good large duvet inners double them over to give 4 thicknesses & so much better than all the toppers I have wasted money on !

amasser, Jan 5, 5:00pm
If you wanted to stiffen the mattress, a board underneath it would help.

jan2242, Jan 6, 4:24pm
Gosh the mattress is like concrete as it is and is on a hard metal base. I appreciate the replies though.

colliers, Jan 10, 8:35pm
I bought a topper from Briscoes when 60% off sale was on. It's the Ainsley something one and I am absolutely thrilled with it. So soft and although I am a large size this topper doesnt flatten out. I cant wait to go to bed now!

snipz, Jan 11, 12:18pm
3 of us bought memory foam mattress toppers from bed bath and beyond last winter during their sale, no regrets, definitely noticed a difference.
Don't find them any hotter in summer. I noticed they had a 50% off sale last week.

princessboo2, Jan 6, 1:19am
Same here- a cluster puff topper. They're selling for between $60-90 at the moment. We got one even cheaper at a pre-Christmas sale for our spare bed and Mum who has a bad leg and finds most beds uncomfortable- loved it. saved a lot of $$ buying a new mattress.

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