Cool place in your house to store medications?

koru67, Jan 16, 9:15am
Just wondering with the current heat where you have your medications stored. How many people pay attention to the store under 25degrees labels?. Would inside a drawer that gets no sun on it be cooler than the temperature in the room?. Our house is so hot at the moment that nowhere seems cool.

hound31, Jan 16, 10:31am

koru67, Jan 16, 10:46am
Thanks but I think the fridge might be too cool for this medication. I am trying a thermometer in the drawer to see if it will be cooler than elsewhere. It is a 3 month injectable implant so I want to try and not overheat it.

hazelnut2, Jan 16, 11:15am
Under the house?

bernie184, Jan 16, 11:19am
Ring the chemist and ask for suggestions.

wine-o-clock, Jan 16, 10:18pm
have just put mine outside-will bring in in the morning when it warms up

dibble35, Jan 4, 6:19am
South side of the house, maybe in a bathroom cupboard under the sink. My bathroom doesnt get any direct sunlight so would be perfect.

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