Frozen Shoulder

cwhit, Mar 23, 9:10pm
How long did it last? I have had it now for 11 months an it is still sore and stiff. Have exercises to do but no progress.

davidt4, Mar 23, 9:36pm
A friend had a very bad frozen shoulder following radiotherapy. He has found yoga to be very helpful, particularly Yin yoga.

poppit15, Mar 24, 9:15am
Had frozen shoulder for 18 months and after a couple of days realised my shoulder didn;t hurt anymore - unfortunately then got it in second shoulder but only was 6 months. I got accupuncture and it was on ACC x3 week made some difference. Worst of it was night time and not being able to wash hair properly and doing up bra. Not pleasant for you - Dr suggested cortisone injection but was not confident it would make any difference so I didn't bother. Some relief I got was getting partner to help me with exercise by lifting my arm up and crawling your hand up a wall. All the best.

colin433, Mar 24, 11:50am
I've been there, and probably still around there, but dealing with it.
I guess you're talking about a rotator cuff tear. (most people refer to it as a rotar cuff. incorrrect)
I did both of mine in, over 25 years ago, curtesy of a bolshie goat. Whem I asked the dr how it could happen, he gave an example of taking a dog for a walk, it sees a cat, races off to chase it, and drags the handler's arm back at an angle.
Well in my case it was the goat that dragged me round.
I was given the option of surgery on each shoulder, three months with my arm in a sling, and living on my own wasn't a practicable solution, so I was paid out for one, but not the other. The $7000 that I got way back then from ACC was scarcely enough to compensate for the pain over the years.
As poppit said, crawling hand up the wall (to turn the showerhead to my liking) etc, is no way to live
Prednisone for polymyalgia 5mg a day helps the shoulder too. One seems to have almost come right, ironically, the one that I got paid out for. The other gives me a little twinge several times a day, but I've learnt to cope with it.
There may be more modern methods of dealing with it now, but I went through the wringer with tests, one being dye injected into a spot in the front of my shoulder in which I passed out on them. The dye only served to convince them that there WAS something wrong.
One of the things that I notice is that it feels like a sinew jumping over a bony spur.
good luck, I don't fancy your chances of a quick recovery. Sorry!

mansonprincess, Mar 24, 12:33pm
i still have it but it is getting better, i always had wheat packs and heat on it, as well as deep heat creams etc, now and then i take anti inflammatory for it - i have accupunture on it once a week (which is free under ACC) and basically try my best not to move it, ive had it 10 months now

camper18, Mar 24, 2:59pm
Each one of mine lasted 2 years. First one just freed up suddenly over a week but second one they discovered on ultrasound had torn ligament down my arm and bone chip in the back so had to have surgery. Pretty straight forward from then on. A rope on a pulley over a bar or curtain rail is good for exercise as you use your good arm at the time to gently pull up the frozen one. It's definitely a time thing.

annies3, Mar 25, 10:47am
The exercises for preventing an injured shoulder becoming a frozen shoulder are called passive exercises these are performed with assistance from another person who moves the arm into all the natural positions, doing this regularly while the shoulder is healing prevents the tendons etc shortening and all movement becoming painful, even a shoulder which has become frozen will improve with passive exercises.
a couple of the above posts describe examples of passive exercise.

lissie, Mar 26, 12:25am
I found trigger point release - it fixed mine - I was in real pain and had toruble raising my arms over my head for about 6 months, couldnt roll over in bed without waking myself up etc. Trigger piont is baically finding a number of different points and holding pressure on that point (NOT massage) - until the pain reduces - the pain improved immediately as did the range of movement. I kept on doing it regularly for a few weeks. I still have some restriction to get my arm absolutely straight above me head- I just practice pushing it to do that

karrie3, Apr 1, 12:44pm
My shoulder was injured starting the lawnmower, over 10 years ago. Took nearly 5 years for the pain to go especially in the mornings. I found the best help was swimming breast stroke lengths in the local pool which loosened the shoulder up and made it possible to do the day’s work.
It still hurts if I sleep on it the wrong way but the pain wears off. However my shoulder’s now got a fixed range and I can’t reach the clothesline, have trouble doing up seatbelt etc. I don’t expect it to improve after all this time
No doubt physical therapy and exercises help but I found the physio and that wee machine they use to be useless. I don’t think recovery is short term, everyone I know with a rotator cuff injury has taken a long time to come right

kiwitrader43, Apr 3, 6:52pm
MSM capsules and go swimming. Breast stroke will restretch arm ligaments. MSM capsules will restore your sulphur levels in the upper joints and ligaments. Add some selenium by way of brazil nuts too.

moore., Apr 4, 10:21pm
I had it in one shoulder really bad, couldnt lots of things e.g pour a cup of tea, opening the door, putting seat belt on, hanging washing etc. Night time worse. I had 3 injections over 2 years in the shoulder and elbow. each helped but it always came back. Change of job "fixed it" it is still there, never as bad as that, but sometimes i feel it coming on and jut really nurse it. with pills, and excercise and stopping whatever is aggravating it. i had it n the other shoulder too but not to same degree. Change of job. that is what helped me.

colliers, Apr 5, 5:28pm
After tremendous pain and sick of my limitations i went to a local osteopath.He is great - been working in this field for years and has added his own therapies which I found reduced the problem (both shoulders locked). Also suggested turmeric root - finely grated with black pepper and sandwiched between bread and butter or olive oil. This works a treat. need to wear gloves tho.Stains hard to remove.Just a little twice daily work for me.

huntlygirl, Apr 6, 12:14pm
Just saw the specialist after waiting 8 months for an appointment. Had a new ultrasound and xray last week and not good news, the tear is twice the size it was and there is bone damage where the humerus joint is. l am so annoyed that 8 months of continual pain and wearing a sling has only resulted in getting worse. Plan now is to get pain under control then start gentle exercise to get movement as good as possible. Very hard to run a household with my right arm out of action for so long.

nor2, Jun 15, 9:54am
I have frozen shoulder supposedly, from a fall off a bike in January. My outside upper arm aches and sometimes the inside upper arm. Neck/shoudler area goes a bit still sometimes too. Physio has said it will go away by itself in about a year. The physio exercises don't really help at all but the passive exercises the physio actually does (that someone mentioned above) are really good. Similar things, can't do my bra up, washing hair can hurt a bit, bed a bit uncomfy but I don't need regular pain relief anymore. Time will tell I guess.

van.wilson, Jun 15, 2:20pm
2 x cortisone shots, lots of physio and 2 years later mine has 99% healed. The remaining 1% is not being able to fully extend my arm above my head (but i can rotate arm).
It will come right - eventually.

nor2, Nov 5, 5:41pm
Also, my injury is under ACC but I still pay $25 each time for physio. Is that the same for everyone? Free if you have a community services card?

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