Diabetes cure close.BCG Appears to Work

mmmail, Jun 22, 6:21am
To think Denise Faustman coped some serious flack in the early days too. and to think. it's been sitting there, given to BILLIONS of people already. for 100yrs

Ongoing long-term IN HUMAN trials suggest it works. maybe for T2D too.

https://www.nature.com/articles/s41541-018-0062-8 https://scienceblog.com/501657/bcg-vaccine-leads-to-long-term-blood-sugar-improvement-in-type-1-diabetes-patients/

Denise Faustman <<< Nobel Prize for Medicine you think?

lythande1, Jun 22, 7:53am
It takes three years for the vaccine's benefits to kick in, and people need two doses, a month apart, to benefit, the team found.

The vaccine does not appear to work in the way the research team initially thought it would. It does not cause the damaged pancreatic cells to regenerate, they found.

Instead, it appears to change the way the body metabolizes sugar.

But a good step forward.

mmmail, Jun 22, 3:28pm
thanks Prof for cherry-picking the new release. supported by additional stupid comments!

lythande1, Jun 22, 4:42pm
Cherry picking? I wanted to know the specifics, as partner is type1.
How the body processes is sugar is not that simple, not just the pancreas is involved. But some people don't like to read up on all the details I guess.

Lucky researchers do.

uniracer, Jun 22, 6:14pm
interesting article, but hardly a 'cure'.

"In this study we observe the long term and stable lowering of blood sugars in humans after BCG vaccinations. In the human, this stable blood sugar control was not driven primarily in these human subjects by pancreas recovery or regeneration. The human pancreas after BCG even at four years after repeat vaccinations did not secrete significant insulin as clinically measured by C-peptide"

nahmi, Nov 2, 5:40pm
What stupid comments ?
What was said was correct.
It is about lowering blood glucose not regenerating the pancreas to produce insulin.

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