Anyone bought form Medications Canada?

jan2242, Jan 16, 8:16am
My doctor wanted to prescribe a medication that is no longer available here. When I contacted Pharmac they said the company that sponsored the medication didn't renew the contract. This product seems is widely available except here in NZ. I have looked online and there are quite a few companies that ship to NZ. Medications Canada are the cheapest and am hoping someone here has bought from them and can tell me if they are they safe to use etc?

jan2242, Jan 16, 8:40am
Subject should be 'from' not form

uniracer, Jan 16, 11:26am
Imported medications will be stopped at the border by customs, and require a doctor in NZ to sign off in order to be released.

Unless you have a doctor who is happy to authorise this, it will not be released. Most doctors are reluctant to sign off imported medications because they are taking responsibility for a product they cannot verify.

jan2242, Jan 4, 6:10pm
Thanks. Will discuss it with my doctor next week

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