Dry mouth from CPAP mask

beachboy61, Dec 30, 9:58am
I have had a nasal CPAP mask for 5 years and breathe though my mouth giving me a very dry mouth. I wake several times in the night with a dry mouth so I want to try to overcome this problem.
I've tried rinsing my mouth with dry mouth rinses before going to bed but they don't work overnight.
Now I have brought a small plastic bottle with a plastic hose which I used 6 times during last night to keep my mouth wet, but I want to add something (like a water soluble oil to the water) so that it keeps my mouth moist during the night.
Any suggestions on what to add to the water bottle?
I've tried a full face CPAP mask,but they don't work for me.

tutifruiti, Dec 30, 10:42am
Ask about Glycerine.

axelvonduisberg, Dec 30, 12:18pm
I have a full face mask, i get a dry mouth too, i get up and have a drink.
Believe me i find the inconenience far more acceptable to the alternative,.
Suck it up Butter cup

rastas1nz, Jan 10, 1:15am
I had a mask and the nasal one also a few years ago so I know what you mean. I am guessing that the reason you need the CPAP is because of being way over weight like I was, to the point that it was starting to kill me. Then during that time I was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to have 3 months radiation treatment directed at my mouth and neck. While having the treatment you are unable to eat, so over the 3 months I lost 24kg in weight which cured the need for a CPAP. The radiation also destroys most of your saliva glands so you are left with a permanent dry mouth from then on, which is 4 years for me now. I asked every specialist I could find if there was something that could help with dry mouth and the answer was no. So what I found that works is sugar free chewing gum and I have a couple of pieces when I go to bed and just store it up between my gum and teeth so that whenever I wake with a dry mouth I just have a couple of chews and I am good to go again you dont have to get up or even take your head off the pillow, Try that. Dont look for a way to live with the CPAP look to cure the cause and go hard out to lose the weight so that you can get rid of the CPAP altogether and get back to a normal life, the difference is fantastic. Starve yourself, take weight loss tablets, eat fruit to fill you up, do anything to lose that weight, the sooner the better. Goodluck.

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