Super sensitive skin after surgery

dinx, Jan 5, 11:23pm
In my experience they tend to only mention the possible major complications, not all complications, and I have had a LOT of surgery. Drs just don't have time to cover every potential senario but yes, nerve damage is possible.

One of my surgeries involved harvesting a large muscle from my thigh, after the surgery I had similar with a large area of my calf below the surgery incisions. Surgeon said that yes that can happen, not really anything to be done about it except time. Has a numb area plus a large area that was super sensitive, almost pins and needles like. He said it would shrink but would likely still have an area with reduced sensation. The uncomfortable sensations eventually reduced, either resolved or my brain now understands the nerve signals and doesn't register them.

If you are interested, one of the ways they check for numbness is using an icecube. They use it for long acting epidurals, I've had a couple and they were in for about a week post-op for pain control. Start outside the area, and ideally have someone else do this. Close your eyes and if they run the cube over the skin you should notice where it changes to where you can feel the touch, but not the cold anymore. Will give you a rough idea how large the area is.

Unfortunately as the nerves heal very slowly, initially it can even feel worse at times (as in not wanting anything to touch the area at all), but hang in there and it does get better.

Over the years I have found odd techniques for pain relief, one that can be helpful with this is distraction by stimulating another area to send signals to "distract" my brain. When I'm in bad pain, I often grovel and ask DP for a footrub. One of these days I might buy one of those foot massagers, but basically it works by almost drowning out the other nerve signals for me.

apricot11, Jan 6, 2:21am
After my surgery the skin in that area felt like it had been sandpapered for a few months afterwards. My surgeon said its nerve damage, He prescribed gabapentin which did the trick. Hope that helps a little.

datoofairy, Dec 28, 4:12pm
I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy last Monday. Over all the pain and recovery is better than I was expecting. However for the past few days, the skin on my tummy has gotten increasingly sensitive. Its all over my tummy but worse near my belly button. It now feels extremely sensitive, almost burning and anything touching it feels like a thousand tiny needles stabbing all at once.
I've been Googling, and it seems this is pretty common, its the cut nerves reacting and will eventually settle down.
Has anyone else had this? Has anyone found anything that helps? I've tried some gel with local aneasthetic but it didnt help at all.

camper18, Dec 28, 7:13pm
It will settle down but may never completely disappear and there is not a lot you can do to alleviate the sensation. After numerous abdominal surgeries I have permanent altered sensation but you learn to live with it.

jase.and.jules, Dec 28, 10:21pm
Call your surgeon for advice.

brightlights60, Feb 22, 10:54pm
When you see your surgeon, be sure to mention it. If you don't have an appointment, ring and speak to his nurse. When they do any sort of surgery, nerve endings are often involved. As the numbness from the surgery disappears and the feelings come back, you will have tenderness. Its one of the complications of surgery and would have been explained to you beforehand.

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