New stroke survivors support.

angelbabe6, May 22, 7:29am
Hi all, I'm looking to start a support group on here, for people who have experienced the life changing results of a stroke, within the last 6 months. It does not matter how mild or severe, what matters is supporting each other through this journey. A place to share tips and tears as we all work toward recovery, whatever form it may take for each of us.

bobinnz, Jun 9, 4:46pm
So sick and tiered of people telling me what I can do. Getting really frustrated with the lack of support and information. All you seem to get is dr who treat you like a 5 year old FFS just tell me what to expect realisticaly no more bullshit.

sunnysue1, Jun 9, 5:03pm
I hear your frustration but have no answers for you. I suspect as each person and each stroke is so different there is no way of the doc giving you a definitive answer. Good luck

gabbysnana, Jun 11, 7:07pm
plenty good facebook pages.

molly37, Jun 16, 10:28pm
How frustrating for you. Have you been in touch with your local stroke club who might be able to provide you with information or be of some support? I have been working with patients who have suffered life changing strokes. everyone is affected differently, and recover at different rates, some people make little improvement, some is remarkable! I hope you get the answers you are looking for. All the best. Oh and OP, what a lovely thought, great to know there are fb sites that people can access.

venna2, Jun 18, 9:07am
There are some good online groups, eg

emmbee, Nov 4, 4:48am
I dont think any doctor can tell you what to expect, as everyone is so different, and so are the strokes. I had an ischemic stroke (clot in the artery) on December 22nd, was in hospital two weeks, couldnt eat, talk, walk, face dropped, etc etc, but I have confounded everyone by getting just about back to "normal" apart from a limp you wouldnt know, yet I see some people so disabled. I do know determination, stubborness, and positive thinking does wonders, but it depends on the area of brain you have it, also a brain "bleed" stoke I think is worse! Good luck and just keep trying, dont give up!

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