Any good shampoo and conditioner advise

johvri, Jun 9, 11:47am
Im looking for a good shampoo and conditioner that works well in my hair as i get older over 50 my hair is getting dryer. anyone got any brands of shampoo and conditioner they use. thanks

princess52, Jun 9, 3:49pm
I’m 57 and use a kerastase shampoo. It’s the only one that doesn’t make my head itch! I’ve always washed my hair every day but for the last 6 or 7 years I only wash it every second day because it’s drier. It used to be really oily but not any more. It has been through patches of being a bit wavy but mostly straight. Currently it’s curly on one side lol. The curl/straight divide goes right across the top of my head, on one side and down the back on one side. Quite bizarre

sarahb5, Jun 9, 4:48pm
Try a lightweight spray or leave in conditioner - I use L’Oreal professional silver shampoo which is specifically for grey or white hair - I leave it in for a while and gives my hair a slight purple tint which I like

jase.and.jules, Jun 9, 11:13pm
Pop into a hair salon and ask. You can get advice without having a hair cut etc.

onefield1, Jun 10, 11:53am
Dove shampoo and Dove conditioner leaves my hair soft and silky for days.

deecee2, Nov 7, 6:49pm
I use a Schwarzkopf mask plus a leave-in beauty balm, and my hairdresser always comments on the beautiful condition of my hair when I go for a haircut. She remembers how dry and frizzy it used to be before I started using these products. Best of all, they're not at all expensive at the Warehouse and/or Countdown.

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