Query - couriering perfume from non business

melboy, Apr 16, 2:59pm
I tried to book a courier for a used bottle of perfume to a rural delivery address in Kaikohe but when I went to get another quote today, the message came up like no courier services available. Why did TM show a quote for $5.31 last week for CourierPost signature required. I rang NZ Post today, the call centre rep advised perfume can only be couriered from a company and is a prohibited item for private address, see prohibited items on the NZ Post website. I found out Fastway will charge $26 from Auckland to Kaikohe. Does anyone have any suggestions?

radars1, Apr 17, 12:55pm
Yep. Package it up and don’t tell them

shakirafan, Apr 17, 1:05pm
I did that and my parcel was opened and sent back to me, it had a tiny 3ml bottle of nail polish in a gift pack along with other cosmetics, I didn’t really remember it was in there.

Nail polish is a dangerous good apparently, luckily the remaining items were delivered.

alleycatz, Apr 17, 1:22pm
the "funny" thing is they used the same service you did , to send it back ?

shakirafan, Nov 30, 12:41am
Yes, arrived via courier 🙄

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