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dfd1, Jan 6, 9:48am
After growing my coloured hair out and now fully grey. would like to a coloured rinse or coloured shampoo to just take the grey look. away . most people say the grey suits. but just I feel now it's aged me. any ideas on semi colouring?

bebe24, Jan 6, 10:28am
Ask a hairdresser for some advice. She may suggest to get it toned to add a bit of brightness to it.

scout_6001, Jan 6, 12:50pm
I have grey hair and wash it with a blue shampoo, I get if from my hairdresser. It gives a softer, silver grey colour and blends in well.

sarahb5, Jan 6, 3:15pm
I use purple shampoo - gives a slightly purple tinge to the really white parts and stops the grey from yellowing. I buy it from

Occasionally I use a silver toner- costs about $6-$8 from Schwarzkopf from The Warehouse or supermarket

dfd1, Jan 6, 4:51pm
Thanks everyone . was really thinking wanting to go back to a brown colour. using a rinse or coloured shampoo . just over my grey look. was looking for ideas.

sarahb5, Jan 6, 5:26pm
The thing is though our skin tone changes as well as our hair colour so going back to your original colour may be too harsh now for your skin tone - have you asked your hairdresser?

dfd1, Jan 6, 5:30pm
Seeing her next week. so will try not to hit the colour bottle before hand. I know what you mean about skin tone. probably just need to get over myself. and be my age. bugger.

lakeview3, Jan 6, 5:32pm
what colour was your hair originally?

lakeview3, Jan 6, 5:34pm
if you do anything just get some foils of different colours. Like maybe two soft shades of brown mixed in with the Grey. And if you want a purple shampoo, fudge brand is the best by far, smells good too.

sarahb5, Jan 6, 5:34pm
Having grey hair has definitely not made me act my age - that’s why I like the purple tinge. Grey is also still very cool among celebs as well.

lakeview3, Jan 6, 5:35pm
Oh just don’t leave the fudge purple in too long as it is really strong I literally wash mine out straight away.

sarahb5, Jan 6, 5:36pm
I didn’t like the Fudge one - it made my head itch

lakeview3, Jan 6, 5:43pm
i have quite sensitive skin and never had any probs. I found some of the others smell just so bad I couldn’t use them

sarahb5, Jan 6, 5:50pm
I don’t like the De Lorenzo rosewood one - it’s very drying as well as expensive

lakeview3, Jan 6, 5:55pm
i haven’t tried that one. There is a kerastase one that stinks to high heaven. The fudge one smells like coconut and lathers amazingly, my hair feels really clean afterwards

dollydot, Jan 6, 6:50pm
A coloured shampoo will do little to colour the greys so it depends how much you want to colour. Do you want to soften the grey or change the colour to another shade that suits you? I'd wait to get advice from your hairdresser about what shades might suit you and how you can maintain that easily. I lost my hair colour after having our first child, prior to that I was fine with highlights but since then need a full colour. I so don't want to have grey or white hair even though the texture is soft and fine. I have a natural dark blonde (my original hair colour) I get foils twice a year and colour it myself the rest of the time. It can look really natural if you're careful with colour choice and maintenance.

sarahb5, Jan 6, 7:18pm
Actually my purple shampoo definitely is enough to colour my hair - white hair takes colour really strongly and it also stops the grey from being dull or yellowed

lakeview3, Jan 6, 7:29pm
what do you colour it with in between foils? Just curious as it sounds like you have similar colour hair to me.

princessboo2, Jan 6, 7:55pm
How about some highlights of mid blonde and dark blonde? They'll blend in with the grey and also give you a bit of depth, contrast and the darkness should remind you of your more "youthful" colour while complimenting your natural hair and skin colour.

dfd1, Jan 6, 8:24pm
I was a brunette. I think I'm just not liking the mirror that's telling me I've aged. haha 😂

sarahb5, Jan 6, 8:28pm
Well the alternative is not ageing - embrace it and celebrate the fact that you’re still here.

My best friend was/is brunette but she’s in denial
and spending at least $150 a month on her colour in the belief it is stopping her looking older - it isn’t because it simply doesn’t look natural anymore - I don’t know what colours her hairdresser is using but the colour on her grey looks orange and really unnatural.

strathview, Jan 6, 8:49pm
I had a hairdresser tell me this and she lightened my hair while my usual hairdresser was on holiday. My usual hairdresser when she got back said what a lot of rubbish and said I was one of those people who can wear my hair quite dark and immediately darkened it for me. Was interesting that friends said I looked much better with darker hair.

sarahb5, Jan 6, 8:57pm
I never got compliments on my hair colour when I was still colouring it blonde but I get at least one total stranger every week tell me they love it now

sweetfanny, Jan 6, 9:57pm
Im blonde and i am going silver up the top now. So jumping in the deep end and going pink in a couple of weeks

cameron-albany, Jan 6, 10:19pm
Following thread with interest! I have (naturally) dark blonde hair but now going ash-grey. As I have very long hair, I still have remnant blonde highlights. I have very thick and good-quality wavy hair which comes up nice and beachy-looking when I scrunch it and have a few products in it. Always get compliments. But that look is FAR too young for me now. I just don't know what to do really. I'm too young for the grey/silver or pink bob. But I'm too old for the long wavy beachy look. I will probably ask a hairdresser in the next couple of months but interesting to read other peoples' hair dilemmas!

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