Oral Sedation for Dental Work

4rdfan4eva, Apr 5, 2:45pm
I had a broken tooth repaired while under oral sedation and it was brilliant. I need to have another one repaired and my dentist will only do IV sedation now in case there is a problem and it means the IV is already in. I was told the Dental Association had made changes in regards to this option. Has anyone else found this out recently?

norse_westie, Apr 5, 6:50pm
I cant really help except to say my 11 year old had two teeth removed with oral sedation and it was brilliant. It was the 20 most traumatic minutes of my LIFE and I fainted but he has absolutely no memory of the horrific ordeal. Well worth the money I spent on the sedation. Although I may have PTSD.

4rdfan4eva, Apr 5, 6:59pm
It is fantastic, I’m totally gutted it’s not available. My big fear is the anisthetic needles going in, horrible experiences when I was young having teeth pulled.

lythande1, Apr 6, 8:03am
Some don't because they need to have an anesthetist. That's always been the case.

xrayer, Apr 6, 2:38pm
We used to give IV sedation years ago at work but the college of anaesthetists said there really should be an anaesthetist present as it can suppress respiration so we went to oral. Works fine for the majority of people. My 12 year old had it for extraction of 3 teeth and coped fine.

nzpcltd, Apr 7, 10:21am
My GP provided oral sedation when my child needed 6 teeth removed. the GP provided the script but it had to be taken in front of the dentist if memory serves me right

4rdfan4eva, Apr 7, 10:53am
I will ask about this option, because I won’t cope otherwise 😕

4rdfan4eva, Apr 7, 10:58am
It’s such a good option and well worth the extra cost, I am really upset to be honest and also not confident this tooth can be repaired so it will probably be pulled 😕

xrayer, Apr 7, 11:22am
But it's deemed unsafe. you could maybe try an oral surgeon? Will cost a fortune though

princess52, Apr 7, 8:44pm
I have IV sedation when I go to the dentist

poce, Dec 2, 4:46pm
WhenI needed to have some repair work done, IV was not available, so have oral sedation it worked a treat. slept again afterward at home.

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