Over Active Thyroid.Advise Please

bcnd, Jun 5, 9:42pm
I have been diagnosed with an over active thyroid. I have some nodules on it which are supposed to be causing it. I have been given the option of radio therapy to shrink the nodules or having my Thyroid completely removed. I am in two minds. has any one had experience with either option. As far as I understand things. Removing it means overnight stay in hospital & pills for the rest of my life, and a few risks like nerve damage. Radio therapy means isolation at home for nearly 2 weeks, and possibility of thyroid becoming under active and then needing to take pills the rest of my life also. I can not definatively find the side effects of not having a Thyroid at all vs the benefits of keeping one, which might crap out any way. I have another appointment at the hospital next week and i have to decide which direction I want to take. Any opinions of people who truely know or have actually experienced this would be appreciated

lythande1, Jun 6, 9:00am
Don't remove it. You can't ever get it back. The radiotherapy is mild. Do it.

hazelnut2, Jun 6, 9:04am
Yes, Gone is gone! You might need to take pills the rest of your life anyway. I have an overactive, have never had any other option than pills given to me, have never had a scan in NZ to find out why, but a scan in Aus showed up two nodules.

So, I take my carbimazole every morning and have blood tests every six months. It's no big deal. I did look at living with an overactive gland, but the side effects are not nice if I stop the drugs, even though I never had them before I started taking them! lol

norse_westie, Jun 6, 11:45am
OP feel free to join Thyroid association NZ on FB. Lots of people there will be happy to share their experiences with you.

bcnd, Jun 6, 3:07pm
Thanks Guys. I will pop on over to that FB page later tonight

kiwitel, Jun 6, 8:35pm
I had the radioactive drink option about 2 years ago. I had no side effects at all and my thyroid has been fine since then as I get tested regularly.

bcnd, Jun 6, 9:10pm
Thats great to hear. How did you find staying in isolation for a week? Was it difficult. What sort of precautions did you take

invercoll, Jun 7, 9:26am
l had the radioactive iodine about 3 years ago and have not taken any medication since either. l was certainly not isolated for 2 weeks but kept away from children for a while.
The only thing that has happened is that nodules have started growing in spite of this so l am kept under surveillance with biopsies occasionally to monitor.

kiwitel, Jun 7, 6:47pm
As I'm a teacher I had to stay off for 2 weeks.
They give you a card with timeframes of how long to avoid things e.g. sleeping with a partner, cooking food, staying home etc. But the risk was minimal anyway as we asked. It was the same as your partner having a scan or two if they chose to sleep by you. I was pretty relaxed, but i don't have children at home anymore. I have land and so i kept busy around the place. I felt fine. If i remember correctly most gets flushed out of your system in the first few days.

deraz, Jun 7, 9:55pm
Go to the chemist and buy liquid iodine. Put 5 drops on your forearm and smear it with the other arm. If it is gone by morning apply again until you notice a darkened stain where it was applied.
In Australia I use 3 times the amount that I used in NZ. There are a lot of people here with thyroid problems. Even young people.

bcnd, Jun 8, 12:03am
Um ok. What is this meant to do for me? I am not sure why you advised I do this? I am going to be treated with Radio Active Idoine to reduce the size of the nodules on my Thyroid. As far as I understand. The nodules are causing the over activiness of my Thyroid

bcnd, Jun 8, 12:05am
Thanks, this is helping me decide to go with this option. My kids are 12 & 15 so perfectly capable of fending for themselves at home for a bit

kiwitel, Jun 8, 5:18am
Good choice- less invasive. I talked to the dr first and then the actual drink was over in a minute and then you can go home. Really a bit of an anticlimax. lol Think of it as you time- it was nice to be paid and to be able to do what I wanted at home. All the best.

deraz, Jun 9, 7:48pm
The nodules are to symptom of your problem, not the cause. Everyone that has a thyroid problem, over active or under active, have an iodine deficiency.
I am just suggesting a cheap option that you can implement now.

bcnd, Nov 7, 10:56pm
Oh ok, thanks for the clarification. I will ask the specialist about that then, cause if the nodules get reduced, it doesn't fix the actual problem. hmmm

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