guitargal, Jan 7, 3:40pm
I love Toujours Moi but it seems to be out of stock for the last 6 months. I usually buy from fragrancex but they are out. Am on wait list but wondering if Dana have ceased production ? did you find any OP? TIA

dfd1, Jan 7, 6:29pm
Try strawberry net.

catstwo, Jan 11, 3:51pm

guitargal, Jan 12, 12:55am
Oh wow, thanks so much catstwo.

I emailed DANA the other day to ask if it is still in production; no reply! pretty poor !

thanks again

blue35, Jan 14, 10:03am
Thanks for the replies, the only supplier I came up with in NZ was the same as the link from catstwo

blue35, Dec 22, 3:33pm
Hi all

Trying to find a favorite perfume for my mother but cannot remember the correct name/spelling or maker, so thought I would see if any one can help?

From memory, it is sounds something like, Tu juan warr, or Du juan warr.

Yes I could probably ask her, but that ruins the surprise, Dec 22, 4:33pm
Could it be Toujours Glamour? If not have a look here where they are listed alphabetically

blue35, Feb 21, 7:14pm
Thank you, close, it was Toujours Moi

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