Letrozole and acne

silver_n_cold, Jun 13, 9:31pm
I am on my third month of taking letrozole tablets to try and get pregnant and i am wondering if any one else got really bad acne while taking the meds. My skin was finally clear before starting the pills, but it wasn't until the second month that one side of my cheek flared up with painful blind pimples, (slowly clearing) but also my forehead is now covered in lots of little bumps that seem sit just under the skin so the skin is really bumpy but popping them just causes scars because nothing comes out. I wouldn't mind bad skin IF it meant I was pregnant, but just curious if it is the pills or ill need to change my skin care yet again!

strathview, Jun 13, 9:43pm
As it is an aromatase inhibitor which lowers your estrogen you are lucky that is the only symptom you are getting. Watch your weight on this drug because you can balloon and not because you are pregnant. I got aching bones, hot flushes, really tired and weight gain and bad skin. I threw it away.

silver_n_cold, Jun 13, 10:13pm
Thanks for your reply. This was the last month I could afford treatment privately so will be waiting to do IUI next publicly. I didn’t even correlate my strange tiredness and aching to the meds.

junie2, Jun 13, 10:17pm
I was on it for 6 yrs ( cancer treatment ) and ended up with quite a pot belly. Thought it might gradually disappear when I was taken off the meds, but if so, it is VERY slow indeed. The tired achiness seems to have abated somewhat though, on a positive note. No more than usual spot problem though.

lillol, Jun 13, 10:53pm
I’m on it for Breast cancer and it gave me rosacea. I’d get it checked out in case that’s what you have. I also have aching joints, can hardly walk sometimes because my ankles hurt so much and I feel like I’m 100. But I only have 7 months to go before I can stop.

silver_n_cold, Jun 15, 2:34pm
Thank you for your replies. I feel terrible complaining about being on it for fertility issues while you are all battling cancer. Acne seems so minor in the greater scheme of things as I understand it must just be my hormones and temporary. I wish positivity and good health to all you ladies xxx

junie2, Jun 15, 5:28pm
Your "issues" are every bit as important as ours OP! Wishing you all the best too. Lillol , amazing to hear about your ankles - I never connected that with Letrozole. Was on walking stick(s) at times!

lillol, Jun 15, 6:15pm
Oh silver n cold please don’t feel bad. We’re the lucky ones, we are still here to tell our stories. I wish you all the best in your endeavours to become pregnant. Good luck 😉

lillol, Nov 6, 1:11am
Yes I blame it on letrozole and when people say I should exercise to help with my joint problems, I’m not going to tell you what I’d like to say to them (and do in my head haha)!

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