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bluebear609, Apr 5, 2:46pm
so teenage son had a massive nose bleed other month (first ever) , iron tested and was low (not sure reading) so put on iron pills, has been taking for last couple of weeks but on weekend had stomach cramps, black poos and felt yuck. Then vomited. Took to doctor who said possible tummy bug but I (and the nurse spoke to before taking to doc) wondered about iron pills as many of the side effects. He had not had black poo up until this point and no stomach cramps. Is it too long into taking them to get side effects from the pills? He had been on for a couple of weeks. He is now hesitant to take them. He is a meat eater and blood tests previously had all had good iron levels

crazynana, Apr 5, 3:35pm
Try giving him a couple of kiwifruit to eat when he takes the iron pills as they are well known to cause constipation and the kiwifruit will help with that. Or you can get frozen kiwifruit at the supermarket. Poor kid. If he doesn't like kiwifruit put it in a slushie for him.

bluebear609, Apr 5, 3:54pm
thanks yeah he hasn't had constipation as such but will try kiwifruit as know vit c better for absorbing them. Now he is hesitant to take them :-(

angelminx, Apr 5, 3:58pm
Black poo very common side effect with iron tablets. Basically the body excretes what it doesnt use in the poo

Constipation, diahorrea and nausea are also common side effects

cleo444, Apr 5, 3:58pm
I think the iron pills are very probably causing all the symptoms you have mentioned. If he has been taking them on an empty stomach (as is usually recommended) try taking them with food. If they are still making him feel yucky or he is still vomiting take him back to the doctor. Also up the red meat and chicken in his diet to raise his iron levels naturally.

buzzy110, Apr 5, 4:14pm
When I became anaemic on my vegetarian diet the food of choice to rapidly increase my iron levels, for me (after I had received B12 and folic injections from my doctor), were mussels and black sausage. Both foods are the highest in iron. Liver is also another good food to replenish iron and it doesn't take a whole lot either.

I think that it is recommended to have good containing good levels of vitamin C when taking iron pills.

bluebear609, Apr 5, 4:52pm
Thanks Cleo - yes I am of the thinking its the pills but would it start a couple of weeks after starting them? remember he is a teen though and did forget a day or so here and there when wasn't here. He has been taking with food but will make sure he has with some vit c as well, have been told to halve the dose and see how he goes but it has affected school etc so if not agreeing will go back to doc. He only vomited twice and stopped the pills for a couple of days so will start now on half and see how we go.

bluebear609, Apr 5, 4:53pm
I am wondering if that floradix or whatever it is called, liquid may be better but do wonder if he is even deficient as eats well, red meat etc and wonder if just from blood nose as previous blood tests iron has always been fine

bluebear609, Apr 5, 4:54pm
thanks but he won't be interested in any of those foods - I will start him on beetroot too

bluebear609, Apr 5, 4:55pm
so wondering does the excess amounts build up as no black poo previously

serf407, Apr 5, 5:23pm
Iron pills make a tummy bug (if it was bacterial) worse than it would have been otherwise. Bacteria often loves iron to assist replication.

I would be concerned why the initial cause of the nose bleed was not diagnosed.

Probably suggest find another doctor (probably a female gp who knows her stuff).
Wonder if teenager has not been eating too much taro or something or drinking energy drinks?

bluebear609, Apr 5, 6:07pm
definitely not taro or energy drinks - interesting what you say about tummy bug - noses can bleed due to a number of factors and he had been in aircon for a number of hours and can cause dry nose or maybe had an infection which was treated but i do wonder if even deficient now

cleo444, Apr 5, 6:27pm
a female doctor?

bluebear609, Dec 5, 7:56am
yes i wondered about that

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