Numb feet and hands

floydandu2, Jan 17, 12:45pm
I had the same issue - neuropathy in hands and feet. Wasn't until I was referred to the neurologist that the correct blood tests were run. turned out to be a thyroid condition, and treatment gave the feeling back. Was really easy to worry about all the serious stuff, when it only turned out to be an easy-treat condition.

lythande1, Jan 17, 3:53pm
What? Someone elses cause is not necessarily the same as yours. That doesn't help you at all, wait until you have seen the specialist.

tegretol, Jan 19, 12:13am
Get referred to Mr Grant Carroll who can perform nerve conduction studies and provide you with a definitive diagnosis. Ignore all of the 'maybe this' and 'maybe thats' on here.

Referral to a neurologist will certainly result in your being sent to Mr Carroll so jump the loop and see him directly.

mam67, Dec 18, 5:43pm
ive had numb feet and hands for about 6 weeks now. in both feet but mainly the left.
ive been to the dr and she has referred me to a nuerologist so im just now waiting on a appointment.
i also have really bad plantar facitis in both feet but arnt sure if they are connected
i have a family history of ms so am a high risk of that too
has any one else had this numbness and what caused it
thanks for reading this

alston, Dec 18, 7:06pm
Perhaps Google ' Neuropathy' I have one of the forms of it with numb feet and legs.

otako, Dec 18, 7:10pm
Check the ketosis thread I have a link to a Tucker Goodrich podcast on vegetable oils there aka PUFAs they are highly oxidative and cause premature aging. Reason why some diets work is they do not include PUFAs it takes two years to get them down to a safe level as they are stored in body fat and cell membranes. May be worth it you take up the keto diet so many people are saying they feel 20 years younger many problems gone.

kiwitrader43, Dec 22, 4:50pm
Google numb feet and hands trace element deficiency. Start by eliminating sugar, dairy and caffeine.
Get some selenium, zinc and potassium into your system ie brazil nuts, raisins and zinc tablets.
Beef liver or chicken broth also good.

kiwitrader43, Dec 22, 5:00pm
Vitamin B12 can be bought in tablet or liquid drop form from the chemist. Go get some pronto. Injections are only about 15.00 from the medical centre too.
NZ volcanic soils are really deficient in this. Cobalt.
Most farmers know this, just townies don't always know.

gabbysnana, Dec 22, 5:38pm
its what your family has a history off. Do some google research so you are prepared.

kiwitrader43, Feb 20, 11:16pm
Google plantar facitis mineral deficiency. There you will find your answers. Eat foods with magnesium in them as your body will decide what to keep. Stay away from supplements. Real foods will rebalance your system.
Stay away from sugar as it strips magnesium.

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