Alternative to Avon eyeliner

prendy1, Apr 13, 3:40pm
Now that Avon is no longer selling its product in NZ, I'm looking for a replacement brand. I love the glimmersticks eyeliners because they glide on easily and don't pull like a pencil, and the price is good too! Can anyone recommend a similar style of eyeliner at a similar price?

mica3, Apr 13, 6:07pm
Clinique quickliner

shakirafan, Apr 13, 8:40pm
ChiChi from Farmers, they have liners like that.

prendy1, Apr 14, 7:56am
Thanks, will check them out.

shakirafan, Apr 14, 9:01am
MAC also do do them but they’re a lot more spendy. Very good though.

cleo444, Apr 14, 12:13pm
Another vote for MAC. they are expensive though.

lyndunc, Apr 14, 12:24pm
I discovered LA Colors Jumbo eye pencils and I love them, although they are thicker than glimmersticks which I also have but you can usually get them for about $5 or $6. Only downside you need a crayon sharpener, but they do double duty for me as an eye shadow and eye liner. I also just stumbled across LA Girl who seems to have a good range of pencils that look like Avon ones. Postie + have the Jumbo eye pencils. Hope this helps.

shakirafan, Apr 14, 12:53pm
LA girl is an excellent range, available at Life Pharmacy, they get very good reviews and I really like it.

NYX at farmers is also fantastic, as well as Mellow and Wet n Wild. They have also just added Milani to their online store, they’re amazing.

cleo444, Nov 30, 11:02pm
Farmers have a new brand too called Milani.

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