Osteoarthritis pain

deb8888, Feb 12, 1:15am
.arthritis in feet, ankles,knees,hips and spine. got to the point couldnt walk twenty feet without stopping. also had permanent muscle pain in one calf. cruising the internet and found article on muscle death due to statins. i take for cholesterol. stopped taking them. within two weeks muscle pain gone and so is 90% of arthritis pain. i now am able to walk reasonable distances. not advocating anything. but thats what it did for me.

trade_menow, Feb 12, 4:35am
talk to your gp about celecoxib ( used to be called celebrix ) comes in 2 strengths 100mg and 200mg and is now fully funded - the price used to be around $50 per box of 30 pills
i suffer in the lower back - the most simple of tasks like doing up your shoes used to right well **** me off just because it used to bring on the pain ( im 6'3 so bending isnt / wasnt the easiest of tasks )
but with celecoxib i have found it alot easier to do day to day things
edited to add theres also panadol osteo which is only avail from the pharmacy its in a box of 96 pills and they are 665mg in strength - so a bit more powerful than the normal sort and no gp script is needed

lythande1, Feb 12, 7:51am
deb8888: Statins, LOL, neither my mum nor me have ever nor will ever take statins.
So not that's not a cure.

Celecoxib. Not for me, the gastro from it is so nasty, I can't take any anti-inflammatories at all, never mind that.
And watch the painkillers.

Some studies have suggested the possibility of a moderately increased risk of upper gastrointestinal complications such as stomach bleeding when high doses are taken chronically. Kidney damage is seen most commonly in overdose. The Food and Drug Administration has warned doctors against prescribing paracetamol/narcotic combinations whose dosages exceed 325 mg of paracetamol due to hepatoxicity risks of greater magnitude than the therapeutic benefits conferred.

On August 2, 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new warning about paracetamol. It stated that the drug could cause rare, and possibly fatal, skin reactions, such as Stevens–Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis.

lythande1, Feb 12, 7:51am
With Paracetamol, as little as 25% above the maximum daily dose—or just two additional extra-strength pills—for several days in a row can cause liver damage.
Another four studies on adverse renal events also found a connection, showing a decrease in estimated glomerular filtration rate.

“Paracetamol can actually be a very dangerous drug,” says Dr John Dickson, who retired from general practice in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, last year. “It can cause kidney and liver problems, and causes as much gastrointestinal bleeding as the NSAIDs.”

While acetaminophen has few side effects when used in therapeutic doses, recent reports suggest that its standard use can result in severe hypersensitivity reactions including Stevens Johnson syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN).

Stevens–Johnson syndrome, a form of toxic epidermal necrolysis, is a life-threatening skin condition, in which cell death causes the epidermis to separate from the dermis.

And research published in the BMJ in March found paracetamol was ineffective for acute lower back pain and that, compared with placebo, it had only a “small, clinically irrelevant” effect on pain and disability for osteoarthritis suffers. It also highlighted evidence that those taking it regularly were almost four times more likely to have abnormal liver function test results.

“evidence showed that patients taking paracetamol are nearly four times more likely to have abnormal results on liver function tests (3.8, 1.9 to 7.4)”

cleggyboy, Feb 12, 8:31am
Electric puha will sort it. LOL

trade_menow, Feb 12, 10:50am
Arthritis is not a laughing matter - and how dare you think it is - sod off with your crude remarks if you cant be helpfull

oh_hunnihunni, Feb 12, 11:01am
He's not wrong though. I'm saving that option for when it gets too hard though.

Exercise, rest, exercise, rest. Don't overdo either. Keep warm. Stay happy and well occupied - it distracts from the baseline pain. Eat well and stay relaxed. Use pain meds sparingly - and wash them down with coffee - the cafienne boosts effect. Make sure your mattress is up to the job, or get a memory foam topper to help with pain free sleep. And for flare ups, anti inflammatories reduce fluid in the joints - often that is what is causing nauseating pain attacks.

And laughing? It is by far the best medicine. Though I find swearing loudly and often really effective too.

And one last thing - if it is any comfort - the brilliant surgeon who rebuilt my leg told me skinny people get OA too, and it hurts them just as much.

princess52, Feb 12, 11:24am
I’ve got it in the same places. One of the things I find is, if I hurt one part of my body, then sometimes the rest flares as well. Also when one of my joints is playing up, I get lots of pain and then see the deformity in that joint. At the moment the one joint is my left little finger. It’s been sore for a while and now the joint is fat and bent.

The flare thing, I was out on Friday and fell off a chair. I banged my head and my bum. Then Saturday and Sunday I could scarcely move I was so sore. Everything hurt!

bryalea, Feb 12, 12:49pm
Statins nearly had me in a wheelchair but I too stopped and improved. I then developed RA and got bad again, but strangely after 6 or so years of meds it has mostly dissipated. Last Dr visit he said my inflammatory markers have gone way down. Still get sore in evenings, and if hands flare, but generally pain free. I do also have OA in most major joints but that only worries me when I lie down. hips give me hell when I go to bed. Codeine with or without panadol is my fix. Only take it at night though.

lythande1, Feb 12, 2:02pm
Actually medical marijuana can help with some pain.
The on the street weed in NZ probably wouldn't. If you research it properly, in the US they have hybrid strains, suited to different problems, it's not going to get you high either, mostly, the THC isn't what is beneficial.

Anyway, NZ is behind on that so let's forget it for now, I sure wouldmn't get random anything off a street person, you never know what the hell is in it.

Really, we can take some pain pills, but the side effects will get you, so it's partly a management thing instead.

Don't not do any exercise or movement, cause then you seize up. But don't push it either, don't think you're being a hero ignoring it and carrying on. It just makes it worse, and takes a lot longer for the pain to calm to it's usual levels then.

I learned that the hard way.

My mum has had spinal arthritis for 45 years or so, it's trashed. She has started water physio, it's just some gentle stretching in water. She sure can't out of the water. she was skeptical, but it has helped, not her pain so much, but with movement. Which was the idea I think.

And don't be in a rush for surgery, if it's actually possible, and beneficial. Some isn't.
It's not a magic cure, it should be thought of as the last resort. There are only so many times it can be replaced, it doesn't last as long as your original bones, and can cause problems in other areas, problems with resistant bacteria, all sorts of things, most don't discuss.

People think they can go off and get a bit replaced and go back to how things were before 100%, it's not a good idea. You'll wear it out quicker.

rosie, Feb 19, 4:49am
I really feel for you toiller, and for a Dr to say that panadol is adequate to get relief from has never experienced arthritis. If possible I would change Drs to someone who is able to help you. Can you be referred to your local pain clinic at the hospital? I find walking up and down a heated pool gives me great relief and keeps every joint moving. I take high dose 400mg of magnesium nightly which helps relax joints and mind, and also have it as a spray (called magnesium oil) that you can spray on and it is even better absorbed by the body transdermally. You may find heat or ice packs help, or antiflamme or any of the topical creams and potions you can find around. Basically try whatever works for you, this pain can be and is debilitating so I hope you find some things to make it more bearable for you, all the best!

rosie, Feb 19, 4:52am
And I am have also found relief from adding collagen to my cups of tea and coffee (can be stirred into anything and is tasteless). You are very fortunate to be offered replacement surgery, so many of us are turned down, it is amazing the mobility than can be obtained through this :)

toiller, Nov 27, 1:00pm
How do people manage the pain? I am in pain all the time, feet, ankles,
knees, shoulder, lower back, hands & wrist. Since I had a mastectomy in 2014 it has been getting steadily worse. I was taking Diclofenac Tablets & that helped a lot, but now the Doctor will not give another prescription, he says to take Paracetamol , which does nothing for me. I have been in contact with the Arthritis & they have been helpful.

hidecote01, Nov 27, 1:24pm
I get panadol from the doctor, up to 8 a day and if its bad I take 2 ibuprofen with the 2 panadol. It takes the edge off it. I just buy the cheap ibuprofen from supermarket as suggested by my surgeon.

punkinthefirst, Nov 27, 1:39pm
I find that if I get tired the pain is worse, so I've learned to pace myself as much as possible, keep exercising, because that helps too (especially exercise in a pool), and take paracetemol at regular intervals to stay ahead of the worst of the pain. If you are overweight, as I am, losing some of it helps, as well.
Be careful of some of those heavy duty painkillers - they can do a lot of damage to your liver, apparently.
Edited to add. a wee Nana nap in the afternoon doesn't do any harm, either - even if you just lie down and read for a while. It takes the weight off those joints and refreshes you for the rest of the day.
Good luck.

hidecote01, Nov 27, 1:51pm
Yes I know I should weigh 10 kgs less but easier said than done, it is will power. Haven't found my will power in a while.

toiller, Nov 27, 2:13pm
I am a bit overweight too , finding it hard to shift. I watch what I eat & it doesn't seem to make much difference. I use to love my Garden & mow the lawns but I am unable to now. The weekly shopping trip is a real mission , I now get Countdown to deliver my groceries, & do a few small shops through the week when I feel like it. I will give Ibuprofen a try.
My Doctor told me I would never get a new knee joint because I just don't meet the criteria.

lythande1, Nov 27, 2:30pm
Diclofenac is nasty.

I take 15mg codeine, and sometimes paracetamol with it.
I won't increase the mg on it, nor the amount. I have found it makes no difference what or how many pills you take if you ignore it.
You have to learn to stop.
Whatever it is, find the best position, for me thats on the floor, and stop moving until it calms down.
Learn how much you can do and when to stop so you prevent this, it takes ages to calm back to normal.

My mother learned this ages ago, she has had spinal arthritis for 45 years or so. it's trashed and she now has nerve damage. Bone on bone pain is not as nasty as nerve pain. She takes the 8,g codeine/500mg paracetamol.
Which doesn't do a lot these days, but she has tried all sorts, and neither does anything else now either.
Codeine isn't perfect but it has a lot less side effects than most. And you be sensible, don't take heaps, don't take them when you can get away with none or less. Stop and rest.

village.green, Nov 27, 3:25pm
Worth trying Golden Paste, have a look at Vet Dr Doug English's site, the FB group has thousands of people reaping the benefits for their pets and themselves, recipe given to make up your own which only takes 10 mins, worth a try and if it doesn't work for you at least you haven't spends lots of money. Lots of people have had relief since using http://turmericlife.com.au/turmeric-for-humans/

kacy5, Nov 27, 3:39pm
What is the criteria, Toiller? If you can go and see an Ortho Specialist privately even if only for the consultation. If you need a new knee you can go on the list from there which could put you well ahead if you wait to see a specialist through the public system. Worked for me on a procedure I had to have done and well worth the approx. $200 it cost.

The waiting list for hip replacement in Canty is really short now as a friend only waited 4 months from seeing her GP before it was done recently. Even she was surprised as she wasn't too bad at all but she didn't smoke nor was overweight which another person, who has been waiting longer, has to give up smoking before they will touch him. I don't know how long the knee list is but I was told it is much shorter now than in previous years.
Make sure whoever you see works in the public system as well as privately.

grouch, Feb 20, 5:44am
I have arthritis in all the same places as you. Sometimes I get a bit down about all the pain. I used to do a lot of walking as that was my passion. I used to do distance walking every weekend and then about a 5k walk every day. My ankle was the first place that I got arthritis and then it has just progressed from there. Now I struggle to go anywhere. The worst is my back and my knees. I loved gardening as well. I still manage to do a little of that and I just pace myself. I had to give up work in my early sixties. I take diclofenac each day and panadol through the day when it wears off. I have been to see the surgeon at the hospital to see about a knee replacement. They prefer to offer them to people that dont have arthritis in lots of places. I was asked if I thought it would be of benefit to me as they can fix my knees but not my back. I only gave it a brief thought and came to the realization that of course it would benefit me as I need my knees to walk. One knee is bone on bone and grating and the other knee is not quite that bad (yet). I think if my knees are fixed then I will just have to handle the pain in my back. They are going to start with the worst knee first and they told me I am on the waiting list and will be operated on within 4 months. My mother who is deceased now but she was offered a hip replacement many years ago and she turned it down, well the bones fused and she ended up in a wheelchair and that is what I dont want. But yes life is a struggle and it does get depressing.

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