Do you take your shampoo and cleaning

harrislucinda, Apr 1, 9:02am
containers into the shower everyday or do you leave them in there
i leave mine in even have a basket to store but still find have some on the ledge

shakirafan, Apr 1, 9:10am
Leave them in there. I don’t see the point of not leaving them in there.

lilyfield, Apr 1, 9:18am
My shower has a huge built in shelf, perfect for all

lythande1, Apr 1, 12:43pm
Shelf at end of bath.

sarahb5, Apr 2, 9:01pm
I leave them in there - shampoo, shower gel and cleanser - don’t need anything else

cccc3, Apr 4, 9:16pm
I leave them on the floor,

robin23, Dec 6, 1:41am
I have dispensers attached to the wall in both showers from shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Then just refill as they get low. First one I bought from Bunnings cost $50 then got lucky and found a brand new one in an op shop for $5. Good ol op shops. where would we be without them?

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