Anyone else have Psoriatic Arthritis?

alston, Jan 1, 5:16pm
Dr Google says Synovitis is the medical term for inflammation of the synovial membrane. This membrane lines joints that possess cavities, known as synovial joints. The condition is usually painful, particularly when the joint is moved. The joint usually swells due to synovial fluid collection.

666steve, Jan 6, 1:04pm
I suffered badly with PA for 18 months. I am pretty sure the triggers were overwork coupled with a relationship breakup (emotional stress). I could barely use my hands or walk. The arthritis was in my feet and fingers. I had the "sausage fingers" that were mirrored in both hands and could travel from one finger to another virtually overnight. When I walked it was like my shoes were full of broken glass.

Different quacks treated me for rheumatoid arthritis although my rheumatoid factors were normal. I was prescribed all sorts of powerful anti inflammatories, none of which worked other than to make me feel worse.

What worked for me was Vioxx, given to me by my brother who was taking them for another condition. When Vioxx was taken off the market , I switched to Celebrex, and it worked just as well.

Anyway, all my symptoms vanished when I quit my job and went on holiday.

I now see my psoriasis as a stress indicator. If I start to get a breakout, I know that something is stressing me, so just figure out what it is and fix it.

I had previously tried every potion and diet I could (even acupuncture). with no success.

I went from being a cripple covered in huge scaly patches to being totally mobile with a perfectly clean skin( for about 8 years now).

BTW, I stopped the Celebrex as soon as the arthritis vanished, although I always carry some , just in case.

666steve, Jan 6, 1:22pm
I firmly believe that diet has NOTHING to do with psoriasis. Creams and lotions on affected areas may provide a little relief but not a fix as as the problem is inside you.

alston, Jan 6, 1:45pm
Agree with this!

shelleigh, Jan 6, 3:05pm
Steve then why is it that some people find when they eliminate some foods from their diet that their psoriasis improves and in some cases clears up completely? Far too many people underestimate just how much food affects how health.
OP a Timaru woman, Rachel Thomkinson wrote a book several years ago called "Jenna's Journey" about how she found out what was causing her baby's extreme eczema. It's well worth reading.

666steve, Jan 6, 4:02pm
Like I said, I tried every diet imaginable over 20 years. My psoriasis cleared up when I was on a normal diet which contained dairy, meat, alcohol etc.Perhaps in some cases bad diet may be causing stress in people's bodies, but it my case it wasn't.

shelleigh, Jan 7, 10:48am
Steve I can understand how the emotional stress you mentioned in your earlier post could cause your psoriasis when it's an inflammatory condition.
Good you were able to clear it up when on a normal diet. I know someone who has it and finds when they drink less beer it it not as bad so could be the sugar and/or yeast in the beer that makes their psoriasis flare up.

robin23, Jan 11, 11:40pm
The best and most effective cream I have found is one I buy from Wish. the site in China. If youre not familiar with it just type in Wish on Google and the web site will appear, or the link I should say. Then if you type in 'psoriasis cream' on the Wish site you will see what I mean. Packaging is a lemon coloured little box with Chinese writing. It's only around $2-3 a small tube ( plus couple of $$ postage). I buy 1/2 dozen tubes at once. Sorry I cant tell you products name as everything on the packaging is in Chinese so dont expect instructions in English. I apply to psoriasis sparingly and it really works. It clears rash up within hours. It may come back at times but Ive found my outbreaks are happening less and less. Anyway worth a try. I think its brilliant.

molly37, Jan 14, 7:32am
I have recently changed my diet to eliminate a lot of those inflammatory foods, whilst i have to agree my pain has lessened it certainly has had no effect of my psoriasis which i believe is related to my RA. Eczema on the other hand reacts very well to changes in diet in my experience.

irishnz1, Jan 20, 7:30pm
yep so do About 7 years now and that is part of the reason I started my food changes and my new facebook page for low carb

robin23, Dec 21, 12:02am
If so, how has it affected you? Ive recently been diagnosed after months of pain in my lower back, Achilles and swelling in my finger joints . and the usual psoriasis on arms and scalp. Its hard to treat being an autoimmune condition. I'd be happy to hear from anyone else with this.

linzis, Dec 21, 6:05am
My husband has had this since he was 23. Hes now 55.
His arthritis has always affected him more than the actual skin complaint. He gets occasional patches on his scalp, face and arms & legs.
Like osteo/rheumatoid he's been on various anti inflammatories for past 20 yrs. He has tried various other natural health products, with no real success.
However for past 5 yrs he has taken Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement, and it wasn't until he was preparing for surgery and he had to stop taking them for a while prior, he realised the extra relief it was giving.
He has also been on low dose chemo drug Methotrexate since 2010. He has regular blood tests for liver function& blood counts. It has effected some of his blood counts, and is borderline anaemic, which they say is due to partly to having an auto immune diseas and the methotrexate.
It has however given him the most effective relief, being able to cut down the anti inflammatories. Everh few years he seems to have a flare up in a different joint. Occasionally he has a cortisone injection.
Currently affected in his right elbow, left knee, and in a few of his fingers on both hands.
His left kneee he has had two ops, to remove inflamed synovial tissue. Possibility of a knee replacement down the track.

robin23, Dec 21, 9:04am
Hi linzis, your comments have been really helpful. I will definitely be starting on the Glucosamine as its obviously helping your hubby. At the moment I'm on Naproxin (anti inflammatories) but as sparingly as possible. I know they can do damage after a time. Many thanks for your help.

linzis, Dec 21, 10:34pm
Reread my post and sorry it sounds a bit doom and gloom, but really its finding what works for pain and discomfort, with least side effects.
Obviously trying to maintain an optimal weight will help, but often Catch 22 with pain and exercise.
My husband does aqua jogging 4x a week, and walks as much as comfort allows. Getting a good pair of shoes is a must, as well as a good Rheumatologist. If you are just under your GP's care I would suggest a referral.
My husband had been on Naproxen for past 2 yrs, and Leflunamide was added a year ago. Naproxen was changed for Celecoxib which is easier on your stomach.
For your scalp, try Head & Shoulders or Neutrogena T Gel shampoo.
Voltaren Emulgel cream for your joints can help.
I know it is worth looking into your diet to eliminate/reduce foods that can aggravate, but my husband is a stubborn so and so, and he would rather just eat what he wants, when he wants :)

kiwitrader43, Dec 22, 4:44pm
Research NZ volcanic soils trace element deficiencies and modify his diet. Ginger, apricots, cabbage, cinnamon, avacados, ground cloves, raisins, dates etc will all help with inflammation reduction.
Take him to see a Rife Clinic to see what is in his blood in too high a concentration and then eliminate it.
No dairy, sugar or coffee. Drink filtered water.

hugelpfan, Dec 23, 12:15pm
just a note about the naproxen, i have found it far more effective taken with panadol. so instead of two in the morning i now take one with two panadol's which for me works way better than two naproxen's by themselves. very rarely do i need a top up later in the day but if i do i just take two panadols and maybe one ibuprofen (supermarket generic brand) and the releif is good, i also am on weekly methotrexate and fortnightly humeria injections. but as stated pain-killers do heaps of damage so minamal is best and don't forget the losec to protect your stomach

wine-o-clock, Dec 23, 2:02pm
wow, thanks for clinic info!

molly37, Dec 24, 5:39pm
I have sero negative RA. More recently my left hand knuckles are very painful and a skin condition i have on my outer elbow and forearm is worse. I'm guessing its RA related. Psoriasis cream doesnt seem to help. Unfortunately due to a gastric ulcer i cant take any anti inflammatory medication. I"d been keen to see what others look like? Mine has a thickening but then lots of little lumps.

oh_hunnihunni, Dec 24, 9:10pm
Watch the losec. it too has side effects just like nsaids do.

laurenlee, Dec 27, 5:33am
Look up psoriasis healing warriors on FB- a strong membership,with so much advice on healing naturally with diet-excellent videos from Matt-lots of encouragement from others' personal accounts- Kiwitrader's comments as above are excellent-on the right track-healing comes from the inside.

korbo, Jan 11, 4:55am
. could you please explain to me what. inlamed synovial tissue is and symptons.

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