Fitness Programmes Post Pregnancy - WHICH WORKS?

katie.alderton, Jun 20, 8:12pm
I am wanting . more like NEEDING to get my motivation and post baby bod back and wanting to know of a Fitness Training Programme that I can do from home as have 2 littlies. I have looked into Kate Ivey Fitness and it seems quite goof but just wondering what peoples opinions are and what has working for them?

trogedon, Jun 20, 8:18pm
Sitting on the couch with the remote control.

katie.alderton, Jun 20, 8:22pm
Haha yes sadly done this for past 3 months and finally starting to catch up with me

princess52, Jun 20, 10:26pm
I’ve known of/seen women putting the kids in the pushchair and going for walks every day.

Also, some places have walking/jogging clubs. One that my sis belonged to had a crèche system. Every so often you are rostered on to look after the preschoolers while the other mums walk. Your baby might be a bit young for that.

Can you watch Pilates on YouTube? And if you have a personal trainer, you could get them to come up with a program for you, that you can do at home.

pico42, Nov 3, 5:16pm
What specific fitness goals do you have in mind? What was your pre baby bod? Strength? Cardio? General activity?

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