Dental Implants

sally63, Mar 23, 9:35am
I had to have a tooth out that was holding a bridge. I now have a 3 tooth gap so will need to fill that gap. Only options is an implant plus new bridge or partial plate. Does anyone know the average cost of an implant? I think this may all be out of my reach financially:(

tony9, Mar 23, 9:49am
I had some implants years ago - more money than sense. More recently I have had a partial plate, wish I had done that at the beginning. Much cheaper and it looks and feels good.

sally63, Mar 23, 10:18am
Thanks Tony. Did your impants fail?

ralta, Mar 23, 10:42am
I have one implant. I think it worked out to nearly $5,000 in the end. It was to replace a failed root canal. The dentist recommended that rather than a bridge as the teeth on either side were/are still good.

The process is slow as they do it (implant) in stages and I paid in installments.

sally63, Mar 23, 12:25pm
Thanks. I missed that when I did a search. Phew sounds very long winded and expensive. I have plenty to think about!Thanks ralta too

venna2, Mar 23, 12:31pm
I have a partial plate, having decided that implants (three teeth) would be too expensive. I've had it a few months now and sometimes I'm conscious of it and annoyed by it, but mostly it's fine.

floydandu2, Mar 23, 12:39pm
I'm about to get my 4th implant. Partials/plates have never entered my mind as an option, as I have decades of eating left, and I didn't like the stories about how eating things like crisp apples, corn on the cob or steak could be troublesome. Other than slightly different cleaning, the implants are like real teeth.
By the time you look at prep work, sedation, implant and restoration, 4500-5000 is about right.Thankfully, most places will let you pay it off - I start giving them money before the implant actually happens, then by the time the restoration has been done, I've had several months to pay it off.

dollydot, Mar 31, 10:47pm
I've had 3 implant posts put in 2 weeks ago. The total will work out to be just over $5,000 each when the restorative work is completed in 3 months.

catdog68, Apr 1, 7:10am
So expensive, I think I'd look into getting it done overseas, so much cheaper.

poppit15, Apr 1, 7:26am
Grace Dental Chiang Mai - 2 implants, 5 root canals, hygeniest clean, airfares, hotel and spending for 2 adults $12,000

sally63, Apr 1, 9:43pm
When did you have this done, Poppit? Did you have caps on the implants?

mkr_ahearn, Apr 1, 10:39pm
$4,800 and can be done same day as extraction, using temp tooth, just depends. Usually pay in installments as they finish each part with the permanent tooth being final payment.

poppit15, Apr 2, 8:44am
Last year (July) no didn't have caps on implants they were covered by gums but they were all back teeth. Had to go back to get crowns but this was also tied in with a holiday and a quick turnaround trip - about 3000

buyit59, Apr 2, 9:37am
Had front tooth implant done approx 12 years ago and it has been fine . For me it is much better than partial plate that I had . Would not hesitate to get another one .

arielbooks, Apr 2, 11:00am
My brother is going to Grace Dental Chiang Mai to get 3 implants soon will cost $9,000 the same here was going to 15 to 21 K depending whether he needs a bone graft. $9 includes the possibility of a bone graft.

Dr Chanika at Grace Dental is the best.

A plate or bridging crown weren't options as my brother can't talk (OK otherwise) but explaining how to care for other choices would have been very difficult.

sally63, Apr 2, 7:32pm
Thanks Poppit

sally63, Apr 2, 7:34pm
Thanks for this, Where do they get the bone implant from? I am glad it worked out well for him:)

dollydot, Apr 3, 5:13pm
For me I'm focused on quality using a NZ specialist oral surgeon who has successfully treated several members of my family. Yes it's expensive (and still would be a significant cost overseas) I'd rather pay him and know that any complications are dealt with at no extra cost here in NZ without having to travel to a country that I have no interest in spending time in. For me trust and using someone I know is more important. But yes there are other options for implants but not in NZ.

arielbooks, Dec 6, 7:48am
My NZ dentist says it is some of the best dental work she has seen and she works in an up market location.

I have had bridging crowns and veneers done, plus all the other dental work. My husband has had teeth removal and dentures. They have their own labs to model crowns et al so no waiting after fitting.

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