Surgery Appointment

lyndunc, Apr 6, 9:32am
On 24 Jan Mr L had a check up for his bladder cancer (had one op 3 years ago, and another op in September last year for growths on his bladder). We are still waiting for the appointment for surgery. I have been ringing the booking clerk every week for the past 4 weeks and the latest update was she was doing the letters on Wed (when I rang) or Thursday and he was "probably" having surgery on 20 April. I made sure she knew we wanted details sent by text as the mail can be a bit dodgy.
Now it is Friday and we still haven't heard anything.
Do I ring again as I feel she is getting sick of me ringing?
Do I contact the specialist (or his office) that did the check up and found the growths?
Do I sit on my hands to stop doing anything or throwing stuff around?
(The other 2 times he was "done" within 6 weeks of the growths being found.)

cleo444, Apr 6, 9:58am
Ring again today, and ring the specialists office. They might get sick of you but you also might get some action. The squeaky wheel always gets the oil. Best of luck for your hubby.

lyndunc, Apr 6, 10:02am
Thank you cleo, yes family members have been saying about the squeaky wheel, but there doesn't seem to be any oil happening!

lyndunc, Apr 6, 10:29am
Righto, rang the specialist's office, but because it was done under the public system, they don't have any information. So it is back to urology at the hospital *sigh*.

angelah1, Apr 6, 11:39am
it has been short week and she may be a day or two behind. I'd leave it until late this afternoon and then ring again so you get some peace of mind over the weekend.

lyndunc, Apr 6, 11:46am
I ended up going about it a different way and rang pre-admission to see if they had him booked in and he is on 16th April. And then they put me through to urology and the woman said the letters had been posted yesterday and he is scheduled for surgery on 20th April - she thought it was midday. It seems they have been having lots of staffing issues, bereavements, staff leaving, sickness etc (not sure if it is Urology in general, or bookings in particular). Despite being asked to be notified by text, she wouldn't do it, only said if paper work didn't arrive next week, to phone and she would text details then. Last time I got a text message and no paperwork. Will see what happens. At least we have the 2 dates now, and I can put in for leave.
Downside is we go on a long planned 3 weeks holiday to the North island, leaving on 1st May, but hopefully he will be ok for travelling - I can do the driving, it's not a problem.
Some certainty after so many weeks waiting!

lyndunc, Apr 6, 11:47am
And yes angelah1, peace of mind over the weekend is what I needed, and now have it. Will relax and watch the motor racing!

brightlights60, Apr 6, 12:41pm
Always, always ring. Yes, be that squeaky wheel. Always remain pleasant. From someone in the know, if you make yourself known, politely you will get results.

lyndunc, Apr 6, 12:55pm
Thank you brightlights60, yes, I was never rude, but I get pretty stressy and panicky - lack of control over things I guess. And the person I spoke to always sounded under pressure as well, which made me feel guilty! Hopefully all will go as planned.

cleo444, Apr 6, 1:22pm
Pleased you have got a date lyndunc.

lyndunc, Dec 5, 12:45am
Thank you cleo444, weight off my mind, not sure Mr L is as happy as he is the one that has to go through the surgery. lol. But it needs doing.

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