Vicks First Defence

starseeker, Jan 10, 9:29pm
Does anyone know where I can buy this product? It is no longer available in NZ, & for a while I was able to buy it from an online pharmacy in the UK. Now it seems to be 'out of stock' at this pharmacy, & no word of when or if it will be available again.
This is a great product for preventing colds & flu

wine-o-clock, Jan 10, 9:40pm

starseeker, Jan 11, 4:47pm
Thank you. It seems most places are 'out of stock' but I did find it listed on EBay, thanks once again

lythande1, Jan 12, 7:48am
It does not prevent colds. Colds are a virus. Washing your hands, avoiding people with the germs, avoiding touching anything with the germs is all you can do.

starseeker, Jan 12, 7:00pm
I agree that handwashing etc is really really important too, but I think that this product has quite a part to play too. Sometimes we have to go to places where we are stuck in crowds & amongst people of dubious hygiene. Think long-haul flights for instance. The product sprays a coat of microgel into the nostrils, thence into the back of the throat where viruses can collect & multiply & traps them there.

wine-o-clock, Jan 12, 7:51pm
wouldnt it be easier to wear a mask?

starseeker, Jan 12, 9:07pm
No. As a nurse I know that masks are mostly worn incorrectly., & should be changed frequently. People often take them off & put them down, often on dirty surfaces, then put them back on.! Have you tried wearing one on a long flight? What do you do with it while eating or drinking? Anyway, my question was where to buy the spray, not to get involved in an argument about its efficacy or not.

starseeker, Jan 7, 12:48am
By the way, thank you wine-o-clock, I have found a source.

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