axelvonduisberg, May 22, 4:29pm
The School should be aware of the Dept of Healths referral section, where pupils are assessed by physcologists who do a report or arrange for extra referrals etc.

Our Grandson at 4.5 years has been referred due to the fact that he is more intelligent than his Early Childcare Teachers and was running rings around them with his speech and high intelligence.

kiwitrader43, May 22, 4:54pm
Natural sugars. Maple syrup is medicinal and the mixed fruit adds trace elements missing in NZ foods due to soil deficiencies in NZ.
Try it. It works

kiwitrader43, May 22, 4:56pm
Control this through diet before the education system labels your child a problem and you then have to endure segregation.

dfd1, May 22, 4:58pm
Have you looked into geting him a (dog) that's trained into helping children I hear that can calm children down.

yapper, May 22, 5:26pm
I would say keep ringing and driving them mad so you can get an appt before September! That's appalling. Can anyone afford to help them go private?

A dog would be a lovely idea. I don't think it needs to be a special one, just a dog that is HIS. It will help him calm down and patting dogs is known to reduce blood pressure in oldies. So it must do something for kids.

tony9, May 22, 5:26pm
Best to use a normal diet unless Doctor advises otherwise.

Clearly the special diet is not working and is just another stress for all to endure.

strathview, May 22, 7:32pm
Having been there and done that I would suggest if you can afford it to hire your own teacher aide if the school will not provide one. That is what we had to do. It was stressful and we were prepared to homeschool him. He ended up loving school and did ok considering. Just can't get a job now which is very frustrating as he really wants to work.

coro2, May 22, 8:28pm
I have a nephew who is autistic, very high on the spectrum , non verbal etc.Primary school age. It has taken years for his parents to find the right help for him . The first instance is to go to your GP and insist on getting a specialist diagnosis. There are schools that have units that take Autistic children depending on their abilities. Those schools and the general schools can only do as much as they can with the funding that they are given(which is not enough) From there research everything you can, and keep asking GP/specialists for help and do not give up. It is a lifetime thing, can not be 'fixed' but you will learn to know how to manage. Companion dogs are amazing, but sadly very expensive to train and therefore not many available and a huge waiting list to get one.
Try to find a support group in your area. Hope this helps in some way.

tomber, May 22, 11:06pm
Segregation? Not very likely today. My autistic children are in the class alongside the others. We bend over backwards to make sure we are as inclusive as possible. Whether that is what parents want or is best for the children I don't know. But that is the way it is now.

usfour2, May 23, 2:29pm
Op - wow loads of advice here. Your grandsons GP, take it she/he are involved, diagnosis has been made.
Childrens Autism is in Auckland, Autism NZ, Parent 2 Parent, your school RTLB. There ARE loads of support out there, just finding the one(s) that help, for your family. Best Wishes.

trade4us2, May 23, 8:11pm
A couple of things, don't have a lot of noise in the house. Some people seem to have a radio or TV blaring all the time. Don't do that.
And don't expect him to do everything that most kids do. He may not be able to do them. e.g. anything to do with balance or playing with balls. However one day he may be a brilliant scientist instead of a rugby player.

..pip.., May 27, 10:11am
Sugar is sugar! All sugar is natural. Sugar cane, sugar beet, honey, fruits.

Please stop yet again advising on something you know nothing about.

islandbreeze, May 28, 9:56pm
Our Grandson has huge meltdowns and throws any objects he can get his hands on we are our wits end. His Teacher is a first year Teacher and is out of her depth.

kara101, Jun 1, 1:20am
Best advice above. Organise a face to face Talk to the DP and RTLB and teacher etc. I would strongly do this and meet regularly to review and revise how things are going, what is working and not working. Remember he will also change developmentally as he gets older and some behaviours are as a result of this and not just his autism. Bear that in mind as well. Also try to keep routines and disciplines similar in school and at home.

monofoil, Jun 2, 3:20pm
Not sure if these have been mentioned (I just skim read), Altogether Autism - they are great, you can submit questions and they send you info, research etc, Parent to Parent, Autism NZ - they have parent courses. Parent to Parent get other parents to ring you and talk. It is very difficult for schools to access support for a lot of children with Autism. The SENCO should contact the Resource and Behavior Teachers and make a referal and that help will be limited. Also the Needs Assessment Co-ordinator - sorry don't know the name of the organisation up there, can do an assessment, they could get Respite care of be referred to an extreme behaviour programme.

biscuitd, Jun 3, 2:22pm

Could we possibly remember that people are not their conditions.

A child is not 'autistic'. Just as a child is not 'cancer'.
A child LIVES with, or has autism. Just as a child LIVES with, or has cancer.

Really is not nice reading about people being labelled as their disorders.
Person-first language is preferable - people are so much more than their disorders, which should not define them!


biscuitd, Jun 3, 2:29pm
Teachers are generally not trained in this disorder. Little empathy is extended towards such children, which often results in dire consequences and behavioural outbursts.

These children need to be worked with, not squeezed into 'neurotypical' molds. We cannot make them 'neurotypical'; however, we can assist them to live their best possible lives - which, yes, may be a little different to how we had envisaged, but nevertheless, valuable to them!

Good luck in your quest. I wish you the very best!

lillol, Jun 3, 6:54pm
Doesn’t help when some people say it’s what you feed them either grrr!

ruby2shoes, Jun 3, 7:12pm
how old is your Grandson?

auckland63, Jun 3, 7:35pm
OP - tell your grand-son's parents not to panic. As much as devastating to receive the diagnose, they can now only move forward. Parents can now request an IEP meeting with teacher, SENCO and any other relevants. RTLB is usually no use for ASD, in short. Parents can ask if funding available for support staff. Autism NZ is certainly one of the best starting points to gather information.

auckland63, Jun 3, 7:37pm
Children's Autism Foundation. Google it, OP. Awesome support network for the boy's parents.

princess52, Jun 3, 8:39pm
From a previous post, he will be 6 in September

otako, Jun 4, 10:38am

Link to Anne Mullens article at the bottom of this story.

islandbreeze, Jun 12, 6:19pm
Thanks once again to everyone who has contributed.
I'm going to look into purchasing a dog.
Hope that doesn't cause more problems. ?.
Will look into special trained dog probably cost too great to us.
Someone suggested a dog put into retirement might be a thought.
Any suggestions there great fully received.

yapper, Jun 12, 7:03pm
Any nice dog would be suitable as it will love the love from the boy. And the boy will just love having 'someone' to love and cuddle and not judge or tell him off.

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