islandbreeze, May 19, 6:38pm
Our Grandson has been diagnosed with Autisum. He cant manage at school gets very angry/anxious and runs away. School trying hard. Parents are at wits end others 3 siblings are under a huge amount of stress. We are very worried for our families health. Is there schooling or tutoring help in central Auckland area and any funding that can help our family. this is a cry for help.

sue193, May 19, 6:47pm
Hi, try here if you facebook at all try this page Good luck.

timturtle, May 19, 7:14pm
How old is your Grandson ?

timturtle, May 19, 7:29pm
Sorry meant to explain I’m no expert but autism is a huge septrum have they tried a change in diet ? Sometimes that can help

islandbreeze, May 19, 8:23pm
Yes they have hes on gluten free no milk products etc
Parents trying everything. . He's verbal his main problem at the moment is his terriable meltdowns angry and aggressive they cant handle him in a regular school. He was 5 yrs last Sept.

sa35, May 19, 8:42pm
Get on to the school,
or Doctor, to get him accessed, and the experts will sort out a plan for them . Best advice just let him be , only try and correct things that will harm him or others , They usually are able to control this sensory overload as they get help and get older. On the plus side they can be highly intelligent.

mkr_ahearn, May 19, 8:44pm
here is another site i dont know anything about these people myself. All the best to you in your request.

carter19, May 19, 8:52pm
Speak to the school. As he has a diagnosis, the school should be able tomaccess funding for a teaxher aide for him. If that is not the appropriate measure, the school "should" be able to help. As henia only 5 it may be better that he stops school and resumes when he is 6.

islandbreeze, May 20, 7:27am
Thankyou for those ideas hopefully some parents with children with autism will read this and also respond with help.

norse_westie, May 20, 7:38am
Good luck OP. Not autism but another issue with one of my kids recently and I found that you have to jump up and down and shout blue murder for the schools to come to the party and use their valuable resources. They have access to a LOT of support for kids with issues, but it costs them so they are very reluctant to offer it unless pushed. Get support from the Autism support groups and demand the support your grandson is entitled to. I had to contact the Ministry and get an advocate before the school took us seriously, but in the end my son has the help he needs.

catkin007, May 20, 11:22am
Do you know if the school has got a Ministry of Education psychologist on board? They can be really helpful with creating an individualised plan that will work, and with accessing funding for teacher aides.

buzzy110, May 20, 11:50am
When I read the opening post I thought that the best people to help would be those who are autistic and have been there, done that and wondered why there wasn't a group to do this. Then I see your wonderful suggestion about Autism support groups.

That would be my very first port of call for help. No one would know autism better than someone who has it. No one would know better how to find their way through the system and how to get the best outcomes than people who have had to do that for family members.

inatiz, May 20, 12:06pm
Have you also considered posting in parenting? There are parents that post there that have children with autism.

melford, May 20, 12:56pm
My 6 year old grandson is autistic. He received marvelous help from The Champion Centre here in Christchurch. He stayed at Kindergarten until he was 5 1/2 as they knew he would not be able to cope with school. He is very bright but his problem is his inability to cope verbally and he has a sensory problem. It was decided that he would transition slowly into school by attending a few days a week first. He is also provided a carer when he did attend. When he was unable to cope and he became overwhelmed he was trained to go into a carboard box in the classroom until he felt able to join the class again. In this way he was able to regulate himself and he did not have meltdowns. He was also assigned a "buddy" who would guide him as to what needed to be done. Perhaps google The Champion Centre Christchurch and email them for the name of the best person to contact in the Auckland area. Good luck my heart goes out to you

tomber, May 20, 1:13pm
I'm a teacher. The school will do their best but not much they can do in isolation. They can get RTLB in to help advise the teacher and they can sometimes get some limited funding for a teachers aide but that time will usually be shared with others. Speak with the school SENCO, they should be your go to person and can organise meetings with everyone concerned and get some ideas on what is available in your area. Autism NZ is another go to. In addition, make sure you sit down with the class teacher and nut out a good relationship and what communication you want and how you want it. That is the person who will spend 6 hours a day with the child and will understand the family struggles the best. Work as a team.

kevymtnz, May 20, 1:21pm
low sugar intake and lots of exercise

princess52, May 20, 1:55pm
It’s tough. One or 2 of our lot are autistic. These are not our bio kids but kids friends and family have shared with us.

I well remember the meltdowns when they were little - they are both in their twenties now.

They can meltdown for lots of different reasons. One would go completely to pieces if he dropped food on his clothes. The other was truly awful in the lead up to school starting in February every year. His was anxiety (for that particular thing). He loved school and as soon as he was back he was very happy. It was the lead up which was hard. I often had him for a couple of weeks then, he was better with one to one.

I honestly believe for many kids on the spectrum, age can help. They can understand better why they melt down and can learn coping strategies. At 5 or 6 they are still little.

It’s bloody hard work though.

Our two are very/exceptionally bright and doing really well now.

I think it’s worth getting in touch with the autism NZ people. And worth pushing at school.

You know the wee man best and will already have coping mechanisms in place.

The other thing is people with autism are diverse, there will be things in common and different ways of dealing with behaviour, you just need to work out what is best for your wee boy.

korbo, May 20, 4:46pm
There was a very interesting programe on TV1 this morning on this. A lady from Wairoa started a group.They also talked of a family with 5 autistic children. My heart went out to her, and all I could think was. How does one cope. ?

lindymf55, May 20, 7:07pm
From my limited knowledge, schools and health professionals etc are so ineffective when it comes to autism. Often, these children are put in the 'too hard' basket.

Often autistic children are very bright, and so are not getting the correct stimulation that they need.

I think it's just a matter of knocking on doors, and keeping on trying to find someone who knows what they are doing, and what they are talking about.

All the best. It's not an easy road with an autistic child, and I'm blowed if I know how parents cope.

islandbreeze, May 21, 11:10am
Thankyou again for all your help and thoughts.
Missed that program on tv on Sunday I wonder what channel and time it was on, maybe we can find it on demand.
We are going to see a specialist but can't get in until Sept unless there is a cancelation.

kiwitrader43, May 22, 9:19am
Porridge with maple syrup and mixed dried fruit, no sugar. Small glass of energizer up n go and off to school.Zero confectionery. Research trace element deficiency and NZ volcanic soils. You may find your answer there. You are what you eat.

kiwitrader43, May 22, 9:20am
High sugar diet will have him bouncing off the walls and being hyper.

kiwitrader43, May 22, 9:22am
Get a bit more iodine and selenium into him.Iodine through drops or seafood, selenium through drops or brazil nuts, if not allergic.

melp6, May 22, 9:25am

norse_westie, May 22, 3:55pm
That is a LOT of sugar for breakfast.

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