Quit Smoking Hypnosis - Wellington recommendations

arthur-dailey, Jan 11, 4:32pm
arthur-dailey wants to quit smoking . hallelujah!

Has anyone tried hypnosis? Did it work? We'd love a recommendation for a practitioner in the Wellington region?

cinderella521, Jan 12, 9:14pm
look up wwww.hypnosis 4 you.co.nz or look up on face book. Malcolm is genuine, he follows up how you are going and if you are not happy he will resolve it. Prices are really reasonable to, he has specials on Facebook also

lythande1, Jan 13, 7:58am
I did. Didn't do a thing, didn't even put me in an altered state.
It's in your head, if it isn't no-one can change your mind anyway.

missunderstood, Jan 13, 6:20pm
I've tried it and it didn't work. The only thing that has stopped me smoking cigarettes was to use a vapor. You can have them with or without nicotine at different strengths. It's so much cheaper than smoking. I'd spend $25 a month with a vapor.

oddbits, Jan 13, 6:44pm
I tried it and it did nothing walked out and lit up a smoke

mysonny, Jan 6, 4:02am
Smoked for 45 years and gave up beginning October. I used patches and a vapor. Hardly touch vapor now. Have taken it slowly and down to the second patch. Also the losenges are very good. Good luck.

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