Hay fever .its started already argh

golfaholic2, Jun 11, 8:15pm
What ever it is that lets pollen go in winter , has started already .
Second night in a row , sneeze sneeze sneeze .
It's going to get worse too . and Im already over it .
Every bloody winter .

Canterbury . anybody else suffering ?

kacy5, Jun 11, 8:20pm
Too early for pine pollen yet so you have that to look forward to---unfortunately.

golfaholic2, Jun 11, 8:58pm
Pine I can handle . meds beat it pretty quick , and its probably 3 months away
There's something which hits me super bad mid winter which the meds struggle with . and it's weeks early this winter

pinkrose, Jun 11, 10:47pm
Yes me- rural Canterbury

venna2, Jun 12, 9:54am
I get hayfever at this time of year - it's not necessarily pollen, it's the change in seasons, and the mould spores around and allergens blown on the wind, and lots of other things.

gshj, Jun 12, 2:47pm
same here and I'm sure it's getting worse each year

martin11, Jun 12, 3:50pm
Pollution over New Brighton way , smokey fires !

starseeker, Jun 13, 7:02pm
Check out any pot plants you may have. For me, hyacinths are a no no! If I'm given them they have to stay outside where I can see & not smell them.
The same with some cut flowers & even ones which don't usually bother me; as they start to wilt they seem to give off something that irritates.

blueprints, Jun 14, 11:11am
I get hayfever year round. Nasal spray, tablets and asthma meds keep it fairly calm. Its a real nuisance!

kitty179, Jun 15, 12:24am
If it's tree pollen you react to, then wattle could be the culprit this time of year. My hubby and I have to start taking preventative measures a few weeks before it starts or it knocks us flat! There are other plants other than trees and it could be one or all of those. I find this handy . http://www.allergy.org.nz/site/allergynz/files/Annual%20Pollen%20Calendar.pdf

woody118, Jun 15, 1:41am
I feel for you people I had it a year or 2 ago when the pollen was real high in Auckland that was the first time I had ever experienced it in 40 years,my nose would start to tickle every night and I didnt know why and I had the mad sniffs,then I herd on the radio "If your nose is itching its because of this years pollen" ohhhh thats why anyway it really sucked and I feel bad for you.

kitty179, Nov 6, 7:05am
'Alanase' is a God-send for me. It's a low-steroid nasal spray that you can buy over the counter or have it prescribed (still a part payment on it). My doctor recommended it. I use it as a preventative, not all the time but about a month before my personal 'culprits' start pollinating. Oral antihistamines do nothing for me unless I buy the ones that last for four hours, but they make me drowsy. The slow-release ones you take once a day are not really very good at dealing with hay fever that has already developed; and in fact in my case they don't do a thing for even preventing it. Without Alanase I would be suffering not only from hay fever but no doubt from resulting sinus infections as well.

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