pgta, Jan 5, 7:23pm
Anyone had experience with this - basically difficulty swallowing because the esophagus can't relax?

olwen, Jan 6, 10:25am
The word you want is dysphasia I think. I'm in a head and neck cancer group where is is common after radiation to the throat. Who have you seen? Speech and language therapists are often useful.

olwen, Jan 6, 10:29am
Sorry, I see that they are related conditions

pgta, Jan 6, 1:45pm
Confirmed as not cancer related. Has had barium swallow and also camera down throat.

jase.and.jules, Jan 6, 11:39pm
My son has intermittent oesophageal spasm, but his resting pressure isn’t constantly high. He has been prescribed Nifedipine, which we have not started yet.

roseann48, Jan 8, 5:52pm
I have a friend with this condition. As you explain she has difficulty swallowing due to muscle spasms.

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