Hydrogen Water

catie61, Jan 2, 10:00pm
I received a Hydrogen Water Bottle for Christmas. Does anyone have experience with these?

pico42, Jan 2, 10:44pm
No experience, but a few minutes on google suggests it is pseudoscience designed to extract money from ones pocket.

lissie, Jan 2, 11:16pm
You mean there’s is a form of water that doesn’t include hydrogen .

lythande1, Jan 3, 8:01am
H2O, thats 2 atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, which is what water is.

How can people be so gullible in this day and age? Science isn't a mystery anymore but people persist in witchdoctory.

gilligee, Jan 3, 8:30am

kindajojo, Jan 3, 8:54am
Lol, you could just buy a bag of dehydrated water. when you want a drink, just add water.
The bottled water industry relys on gulliabiltiy

amasser, Jan 3, 12:58pm
Most people have taps. Most people don't have a chemistry degree.

olwen, Jan 3, 2:55pm
Most people did 4th form chemistry

kindajojo, Jan 9, 4:07pm
Really. !

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