bryshaw, Jan 4, 5:23pm
Labour has made the shingles vaccine free from this year.

monkey_room, Jan 4, 7:05pm
Magnesium supplements and lycene are helpful.

fiddles3, Jan 8, 11:22am
Am using Colloidal Silver eye drops and spray over my face, it has made a huge difference. Feel I am starting to heal at last!

gabbysnana, Jan 14, 9:06am
Its a virus that stays with you forever. Once you have had shingles the vaccine is ineffective, theres research that its not effective anyway. Lovir can be taken at any period during the attack, not just in the beginning, so its not to late as persons not affected like to make out. The nerve damage caused by the virus remains with you forever and fires up , literally, now and then if you are stressed out.

gerbil, Jan 14, 3:53pm
There is a vaccine for shingles - even if you've had shingles already and it's limited to people who are 50 or over. It's true that the virus is with you always but it's the chicken pox virus that's always with us. Obviously it's no good having the chicken pox vaccine if you've already being infected but the shingles virus is a separate thing for shingles which you get as a result of once having chicken pox. I know it is not 100% effective but I chose to have it to reduce the chances of getting another shingles attack. I suspect almost everybody who gets the shingles vaccine has had a previous attack because it's not cheap. Not everybody gets nerve damage either with shingles - I didn't - though I've heard the pain can be awful. I have taken antivirals twice with two separate attacks and it stopped the shingles rash in its tracks so I don't know why you'd wait till it had spread some more.

monkey246, Dec 11, 7:31am
Been six weeks, still have pain, very frustrating, have physical job, how long does my friend have to live with this virus.?

retrogold, Dec 11, 7:47am
Mine went after a month but had the medication at the start, applying pain relief cream can help and taking pain killers, it is frustrating.

monkey246, Dec 11, 8:04am
Was given medication, at start to put on rash. Bought a cream to put on especially for treatment of pain , but made it worse. Hates taking panadol and codeine. Just irritating inside the body , like its eating inside.

mkr_ahearn, Dec 11, 8:26am
I know someone who used peppermint essential oil, said it gave relief, and healed quite quickly after using that

monkey246, Dec 11, 8:52am
Thanks will try

trah, Dec 11, 11:37am
High dose Vit C is recommended. Talk to pharmacist though about whether it is more effective if taken from onset, rather than after six weeks.

monkey246, Dec 11, 12:26pm
Ok will try that as well.,😊

brownie31, Dec 11, 6:28pm
Thank you Dr Mengele.

trah, Dec 11, 7:39pm
That is a very insulting comment!

usfour2, Dec 12, 9:28am
Why did you use this name?

kiwibunz, Dec 13, 12:13pm
With shingles, it is best to get treatment with an anti-viral as soon as you notice a rash. This shortens the length of the illness and helps prevent any long term or permanent nerve damage. My doctor gave me an aspirin based liquid to put on the rash but I honestly found good old calamine lotion better. I also asked him for some sleeping pills while the pain was at its worst because it's almost impossible to sleep with that kind of pain and even turning over in bed was a mission.

cynder, Dec 13, 7:34pm

ree05, Dec 14, 1:39pm
I found betaine gave me great relief, get on prescription for a decent sized bottle, fully covered, buying it is very exy and tiny bottle.

surfbluedog, Dec 14, 3:51pm
Shingles pain can last for months. And only strong painkillers can really make the pain bearable.

monkey246, Dec 19, 11:56am
Have gone on to using homeopathic remedies, pain seems to be more at night and when sleeping. Trying to keep friend positive, and have no stress, just hearing how others have had pain for years and , he doesn't want to have to take panadol , he's hoping the pain will wear off in time sooner than later

monkey246, Dec 19, 2:02pm
Thank you for your feedback,

fiddles3, Feb 21, 6:10pm
I have had it for over 2 months now on my face and head, which is numb! I use a viral salve that sometimes helps, a very cold wet cloth sometimes works also. My eye gets very itchy and eye drops sometimes work on that. Wish I could find something that always works! Will try the peppermint oil though!

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