Low iGa and IGm

fogs, Jan 2, 1:56am
I suffer from OP complaint (hypogammaglobulaemia) and have been receiving transfusions for over 20 years at North Shore hospital.
monthly in summer and 3 weekly over cooler months

skiwino5, Dec 26, 9:37pm
hi, does anyone have low immunoglobulin levels? incredible fatigue, breathlessness and zero energy, Vitamin D is fine but I know my IG levels are low. no medication only immune replacement therapy via blood transfusion but I don't qualify because I haven't been hospitalized. any recommendations in wellington region? eg. naturopath? thank you for your help

mmmail, Feb 24, 12:16am
Most supplements are rubbish

I have heard from reliable sources, the stuff below has been subjected to double-blind-placebo controlled studies and come up very well at helping to boost the immune system.


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