Sore gum around one tooth

rpvr, Mar 24, 8:26am
My gum has been sore around one tooth for several months. There is not much left of the tooth, it had a composite crown on it which has come off twice. Each time the dentist has been able to put it back on with some kind of adhesive. I have been back to the dentist twice about the sore gum, and each time she has cleaned under the gum, which helps a little for a few days, then it is just as sore again. Just wondering if anyone has had this, and knows of anything that may help. I have tried various mouthwashes, also tried hydrogen peroxide and Difflam mouth gel. Nothing seems to make much difference.

ritebuy, Mar 24, 12:03pm
try some clove oil or turmeric sounds like its inflamed

lythande1, Mar 24, 5:02pm
The only cure is to remove the tooth. That's why, your white cells are trying to remove it. it will do that until the tooth is gone.

Probably not what you want to hear, but I have had this before.

bryalea, Mar 24, 6:01pm
I am in the habit of getting painful teeth removed. They won't hurt me again that way. When I need to get dentures I won't have very many left to say goodbye to

downshire, Mar 24, 10:27pm
If cleaning under the gum helps, does this mean there is a food trap? I have one between 2 back teeth that was quite painful. Some years ago on my dentist's recommendation I bought a Waterpic and use that every night, practically always getting some stuck food out. It has fixed the problem.

kinna54, Mar 26, 2:43pm
Unless it's in a really conspicuous place remove the tooth. It sounds like the tooth is just rotting away. Meanwhile: dumb as it sounds gargling with whisky or diluted tea tree oil helps. (of the 2 I prefer the taste of the whisky lol). and when in pain packing a whisky soaked cotton pad around the area can really help

tinytoes100, Mar 26, 7:48pm
it sounds like a cracked tooth will keep on annoying you till you pull it get a root canal or bridge

bellyatobhs, Mar 27, 6:12pm
Apart from mouth wash what else are you doing to keep the area clean?does food collect in that area?

kecal, Apr 4, 8:45pm
post 3 I take it your a dentist and clarvoyent at the same time, brilliant advise ,
got any spare appts ?
post 6 i see you work at the same job as 3 marvelous
post 7 you also work there ,god forbid all of you made a diagnosis without even looking bloody idiots.

post 1 for gods sake go see another dentist and get professinal advice not half arsed advise from people who know diddly squat .

bellyatobhs, Apr 5, 8:19pm
Angry little Beaver arnt you. Over twenty years in Dentistry qualifies me to comment. Most of the advice given makes me cringe, but it’s a public message board and the op asked for advice, up to them what they take from it.

gamefisher, Apr 5, 9:16pm
Depend on age but if you are 50+ get it pulled. One tooth less you will have less pain from and have less to clean. If it is a frontal tooth it will add character to your looks. :)

kecal, Apr 5, 9:34pm
post 10 many people take what they read on here and on the web as gosple and do not understand the importance of professional advise .1/2 arsed unquallified answers on many topics by people cause others lots of probs.
yes they can take from it what they want and use what they want . people are too easily lead.
post 11 prime example ,
and over 30 yrs in the game qualifies me as well.
in reality the only correct answer is go see a dentist.

rpvr, Apr 5, 9:40pm
It is a front tooth, that's the problem. But it's definitely gum soreness, no real toothache as such, and the dentist tapping on the tooth with an implement does not cause pain. Xray at last appointment showed nothing amiss. I'm due for a check up shortly so I'll see what happens then.

rpvr, Apr 5, 9:43pm
Agree, but how many times when the same treatment is tried despite it not working so far?

kecal, Apr 5, 9:49pm
try another qualified professional .

bellyatobhs, Dec 5, 4:43am
Of course they should see a Dentist, that’s not going to stop them asking questions. Doesn’t mean you have to be rude about other posters, sit on your hands and don’t comment that’s what I do 99% of the time.

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