Zosterix Cream

rosie, Apr 7, 5:22pm
Have just been prescribed this for my knees, has anyone had any success in long term use of it relieving pain and/or inflammation of the knee joints?

cleo444, Apr 7, 7:38pm
Have used it for osteoporosis in shoulder but not as good as arnica oil and only a temporary fix.

rosie, Apr 9, 8:54am
ok thanks cleo444 - I was told I have to use 4X a day for a month before seeing if there are any positive benefits, so time will tell

jan2242, Apr 9, 9:42am
Didn't have any luck with it here either.

mike16, Apr 11, 8:55am
You can rub stuff in all day , but exactly how deep does the cream go ? Hardly in at all ?
IMO . we need to treat our aches from inside . the secret is to find the goodies that will do this . and I can't find one yet !

lk104, Apr 11, 9:01am
Tried it and gave up on it.

rosie, Dec 2, 4:15am
ok thanks everyone

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