Peppermint Tea

lyndunc, Jan 12, 3:11pm
Does anyone take this and find it helpful? I have read it is good for a lot of things and was thinking about getting some to help with stress, inflammation, sleeping. Slight concern in that I take tablets for high blood pressure, a side effect of the prednisone I take for polymyalgia and I read that it might interact with that.
Thank you.

brightlights60, Jan 13, 11:08am
It is good. I used it for years. Quite a calming effect, especially on the digestive system.

lyndunc, Jan 13, 12:11pm
Thank you brightlights.

sarahb5, Jan 14, 6:16pm
I’ve been drinking a nice one - Dilmah ginger and peppermint - very soothing and good for digestion too

lyndunc, Jan 5, 5:47pm
Ooh Sarah, that sounds nice, will check it out. Thank you.

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