"Essential Tremor" .

arthur-dailey, Jan 11, 4:46pm
Thanks for all the input and apologies for not acknowledging your inputs earlier.

A glass of wine (or two - occasion dependent) a day seems to be helping. Unfortunately Propranolol wouldn't be appropriate as mum had a triple bypass about 12 years ago.

I'm looking at hypnosis as an option - has anyone tried that at all?

lythande1, Jan 12, 7:47am
How do you think someone telling your mum something would help a physical condition? Hypnosis is something that may help those who already have made up their minds to do something.
It doesn't work on most people and certainly not for a medical problem.

Stick to the wine.

dollydot, Jan 12, 2:41pm
Hypnosis can work for some people and help with symptoms of some medical conditions. I think it's great OP is considering all options to help her husband. While I prefer traditional medicine I have had some help from a GP who now specialises in hypnosis for certain conditions. Mine helped with pain control technique for post op for a procedure I'd had before that was very painful. Others have had success with reduction of anxiety, weight loss and smoking cessation. Not sure if it would be of help for Essential Tremor though unfortunately. If it's worse with stress meditation, mindfullness might be worth considering.

scruff71, Jan 12, 4:15pm
Agree, Also refer to the following link:


retired, Jan 12, 6:39pm
scruff71 many thanks for the information. I also steer away from ordering soup when dining out.

scruff71, Jan 13, 10:39pm
Have you thought of using a straw once the soup is cooled enough? Reusable straw sets are available at organic food shops.

simon277, Jan 15, 2:19pm
Hi, I have had my tremor for many years, great when doing a Maori dance.
I found that the tremor got quite violent when I was low on sugar and after a lolly or teaspoon of sugar it would settle back to its normal shake.
Now I manage it with chocolate and fruit.

arthur-dailey, Aug 25, 7:42pm
. my 80yo mother has been diagnosed with this. Apparently there's little that can be done in respect of treatment.

Is anyone dealing with this and how are you managing it?

Just wondering if there are any health supplements she could take to ease the symptoms.

arthur-dailey's wife

downshire, Aug 26, 1:34am
My mother had it quite severely - the only thing she found that helped was a stiff whisky! I have it much more mildly (and hate the taste of whisky!) - it seems to be worse when tired or under any kind of stress. Actually according to Dr Google there are a few medications that can help, if it's severe. For example diseases-conditions/essential--

lythande1, Aug 28, 2:28pm
Actually a small glass of alcoholic beverage apparently DOES help.
Doesn't last but it helps.
And no you don't need to guzzle heaps, a small beer , 1/3 glass wine, that sort of thing.

davidt4, Aug 28, 3:09pm
I have a relative with it and he was told by his doctor that a small quantity of alcohol was helpful but to be wary of getting dependent.

retired, Jan 5, 4:17am
I have had it for years, since in my 40's. I was sent to a specialist and he prescribed Propranolol. He did say it was better than drinking alcohol, which does work. I have had no side effects so have been taking it for almost half of my life. Yes now I do have slight tremor like when I am out ordering a pot of tea but a very small price to pay.

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