Any good hair removal creams for the face

the-archer, Jan 3, 12:41pm
Listing #: 1507924712, I use these,can also be found in dollar store type shops too. Can take a bit of figuring out as to what angle to use it,i have blonde fuzz and it does a great job.

bluebell21, Jan 7, 10:08am
the-archer, I have been looking at these type razors too. Veet have this type of thing at countdown for $40. My only worry is that the regrowth comes back thick and stubbly. How long have you been using this type of razor for? And how often do you need to use it? Thanks :)

dibble35, Jan 18, 8:07am
Well I went and got threading done on my face yesterday, as well as my eyebrows and eyelashes dyed/tidied. It wasnt to painful, more annoying feeling than anything. Had red cheeks where she had ripped out all my 'fluff' but it calmed down within a few hours and is so smooth. The lady was saying with threading it seem to grow back slower than with waxing (she does both) and gets all the finer hairs. So I think i'll make it a regular thing, maybe go there every 6-8 weeks, need to get my super blonde eyebrows/lashes dyed anyway. Will see how it goes.

johvri, Dec 20, 11:56am
I have sensitive skin and was wondering which brand of hair removal cream is good to use, that wont leave a rash or redness on the skin. can anyone advise thanks so much?

cleo444, Dec 20, 12:03pm
My sister has sensitive creme and uses Nad's Facial Hair Removal Creme without any problem. I have a Braun depilator which is great, has different heads for different parts of the body.

robin23, Dec 21, 12:08am
I buy the hair removal cream for sensitive skin from Postie. I think its Veet. Cant access it right now but pretty sure thats the brand name. Its really effective and gentle on the skin. Has never burned or even left face red. Highly recommend.

retired, Dec 21, 1:44pm
Hi, I used to buy one from Avon. They may still sell it.

sarahb5, Dec 21, 2:54pm
Veet Sensitive - but the redness is actually a chemical burn so long term is not such a great idea for your skin. It may be time to consider an alternative - I now prefer threading which I find better for my skin than waxing as it only removes the hair and not a layer of skin at the same time.

mrscat, Dec 22, 9:16am
Please tell me how threading differs from removing hairs with a tweezer.

sarahb5, Dec 22, 10:18am
It’s quicker and can remove much shorter and finer hairs before you can even see or feel them - lasts longer too

sarahb5, Dec 22, 11:36am

lissie, Dec 22, 2:35pm
Is threading as painful? I use Nair Sensitive skin hair removal - because I grow quite a beard and I just can't stand the pain of pulling them out one by one

sarahb5, Dec 22, 2:41pm
As painful as what? It certainly feels less brutal on my face than waxing but some areas are more sensitive than others - shouldn't hurt too much if you get someone who knows what they're doing

dibble35, Dec 22, 6:11pm
Hey sarah, how often do you have to get threading done? Every month?
More? Less? Going thru peri menopause at the moment and have been getting quite impressive 'beard' growth the last year or so, it's getting a bit beyond me to pluck it all. TIA

sarahb5, Dec 22, 6:17pm
Top lip every 8 to 10 weeks - regrowth is finer than plucking. I get the sides of my face done whenever it feels a bit fluffy - once or twice a year but I was blonde so maybe if I was darker I would want it done more often.

dibble35, Dec 23, 7:31am
Yeah im blonde as well and have the peach fuzz on the sides of my face as well, havnt worried about it to much as its quite fine, but the chin and under chin areas are getting bad. Thanks, i'll see if theres anyone in town that does threading. Could get my eyebrows/lashes tidied and dyed at the same time, make it a bit of a treat for myself.

sarahb5, Dec 23, 10:45am
It’s very popular in the Indian community

inatiz, Dec 23, 12:48pm
I have used a trimmer I purchased from the warehouse made by clio and found it good, but purchased one today by veet, called 'Veet sensitive precision beauty styler'. It has good reviews, The warehouse have them for $40, but I bought it from life pharmacy for $24.99, usually $49.99 there. I haven't used it yet, but if it is as good as the clio one, it should be good. I mainly used it for the odd hair on my chin and around mouth, but the veet one has extra attachments and says it can be used on bikini line and underarms.

tui93, Dec 24, 11:28am
So does anyone have any views on IPL light treatment. I've had some done, but it's expensive and still comes back eventually.

gerbil, Dec 26, 9:25pm
I bought an IPL home use device on trademe - a silkn. I used it on my arms, legs and underarms - needed a fair few extra light units for it - but the results were very impressive long term. The hair definitely hasn't come back. I was an ideal candidate for IPL though as I had very dark hair and light skin. I can't comment on faces though because I never had a very hairy face. I had about 10 or so stray hairs under my chin and I had electrolysis for these which worked. Frankly the IPL changed my life - I no longer devote hours every week to hair removal.

spdip, Dec 28, 12:31pm
Please don't make the mistake I made. Was broke so resorted to shaving. Big regrets.

I reacted to waxing by a professional so have never tried it since.

How much does it cost for threading and would it work on "whiskers" (gone is the fine downy growth thanks to shaving).

dibble35, Dec 28, 7:47pm
Hi, no i've never been tempted to shave the hairs on my face. Have seen a lady come thru work that must have shaved her chin as she definitely had 'stubble' and lots of it. Was horrible looking. I've found a lady/beautician very close to wear I live who does both waxing and threading (as well as dyes eye lashes and brows so I can get everything done at once - yay!) You can get your brows threaded so im assuming that 'whiskers' could be done as well. Im planning on going there in the next few weeks.

sarahb5, Dec 28, 10:14pm
Top lip threading is $10 in our local mall and takes, at most, 5 minutes - full face and brow shaping is $50 at the local salon and they allow 30 mi utes

tui93, Feb 21, 2:44am
Did you ever burn your skin? What are light units? Ta

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