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veejay13, Jun 10, 2:10pm
The item announcing this Winter Energy Payment is dated 17th Dec. 2017.
Don't know why this year's isn't starting till July, because next year's is from 1st May to 30th September. Just gets better and better!

r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 2:17pm
That makes sense. Global Cooling has started. Next year will be colder (worldwide average) than this year.

veejay13, Jun 10, 2:19pm
Gosh, that would depend on a lot of things - your electricity provider and the package you have with them (these relate to your cost per unit); also the temperature you run your heat pump at. I've just looked back at my power bills for March 2017 and July 2017 and July is $70 dearer. I wouldn't have used the heat pump at all in March, July it would vary between 6 and 12 hours a day, depending on whether we had a fine sunny day or not.

bernie184, Jun 10, 2:34pm
A week.

bernie184, Jun 10, 2:36pm
Have you not received any letters about it?
If you are entitled you should have had a letter by now.

veejay13, Jun 10, 2:48pm
Really? I'm sure I'm entitled, having been a superannuitant for more years then I care to admit. I assume the letter would have come from WINZ?

veejay13, Jun 10, 2:59pm
I've just had a re-read of the item concerning this payment, and I certainly meet all the criteria. Has everyone else here had a letter? I'm wondering if I should phone WINZ tomorrow. or perhaps I'll wait till the first super payment in July and see if it's increased.

venna2, Jun 10, 3:21pm
Sorry, you folk above are right - it's a weekly payment, not monthly.

starseeker, Jun 10, 4:52pm
A wool sheepskin between the mattress & the bottom sheet is just wonderful as insulation winter & summer. Since buying one years ago we have never used an electric blanket

dibble35, Jun 10, 5:10pm
My mum must have got her letter about this about 2 weeks ago as thats when she told me about it.

jills3, Jun 10, 5:13pm
Here is the email I received.

Dear Jill

Soon you'll get the new Winter Energy Payment

The new Winter Energy Payment is to help with the cost of heating your home over winter.

Couples and people with dependent children will get an extra $31.82 a week. If you're single, you'll get an extra $20.46 a week. These payments will start from 1 July and continue until 29 September 2018.

The Winter Energy Payment won't affect other payments you get from us and isn't considered income (for tax purposes).

If you're a couple getting NZ Super or Veteran's Pension
If you have separate bank accounts, unfortunately we can't split the payments this year. We're working hard to find a way to do this in future years. If you'd like to change the bank account that all of your payments are made into, please contact us.

If you travel overseas
If you travel overseas, you can keep getting your Winter Energy Payment for the first 28 days you're away. Please tell us if you or your partner plan to leave New Zealand for more than 28 days. Otherwise we might pay you too much and have to ask for the money back. The easiest way to do this is using the form on our website or call us.

If you'd prefer not to get this payment
If you'd prefer not to get this payment, that's fine. Just let us know and we'll stop it for you. You can do it online from 1 June, or call us now. If you want to re-start the payment at a later date, please get in touch.

Staying warm
For tips on how to keep your home warm and dry over winter, check the EECA Energywise website.

We're here to help
If you have any questions please call. Our contact details are on our website. Everyone's situation is different so we're always happy to talk with you.

veejay13, Jun 10, 5:23pm
Thanks Jill (#36). How long ago did you receive it?

veejay13, Jun 10, 6:17pm
Thanks dibble35 - that's not so long ago. Mine's probably still on it's way.

xxsaffyxx, Jun 11, 4:40pm
I love that, and hope you can get to use it that way. I'm not on pension yet, but was on widows benefit at a young age (now working full time). It was really tough, and it became my ambition to get myself into a position where I wouldn't have to be too scared to keep warm when I'm on retirement. Feel so bad for those who battle with power bills.

I managed to get myself into a new home with heatpump, double glazing. Took me a lot of stress over quite a few yeas, but got there in the end. Prompted by the horrible cost of electricity!

jills3, Jun 11, 5:45pm
Received 30/5/18.

trade4us2, Jun 11, 5:58pm
I have received the letter. I will be paid more than my heating costs, because I have insulated my house and windows and have sensible heaters.
Hopefully my solar heater will work also.

mike16, Jun 13, 9:11am
Starts in July ? Great . just in time for the start of summer !

trade4us2, Jun 13, 12:25pm
My high winter power bill arrives in July, and the bills are high for August and September. October is nearly down to my summer bills.

cameron-albany, Jun 15, 8:00pm
I am always amazed by the (even modern) assumptions that being "cold" causes illness and colds and flues.
Being cold does NOT meant you will get a cold.
Illnesses like colds and flues are caused ONLY by viruses. They ARE NOT transmitted because you are "cold." They are transmitted through the contact and transfer of droplets and mucus from one person to another. Getting someone's cold or flu is as easy as walking behind someone who has been coughing and then inhaling their exhaled virus-laden moist breath. Or touching a surface they've touched after coughing into their hand and then infecting the surface they then touch.
Colds and flues are only worse in winter because people are more huddled together and the transfer of viral material is made so much easier because we're all in much closer contact.
Just cover your mouth/nose and eyes and make sure you wash your hands and do not touch your eyes/mouth/nose with dirty fingers. Make sure you wash your hands all the time and use sanitiser. Encourage sick colleagues to go home and rest rather than be among the healthy ones.

And maybe most of all don't whinge and whine that you have the flu because you got cold. you HAVE NOT got the flu if you can whinge and whine about it, and secondly, being cold did NOT cause whatever rhinovirus (ie NOT the flu) you have.

kacy5, Jun 16, 12:17am
I went to an elderly man's funeral last week. He was a fit mid 80s but during cold wet weather he had been helping family on a farm. When a friend called in to see him a couple of days later she made him turn his heat pump up as the house was freezing and he did have a little cough but not enough for her to really notice until he had to go to hospital. His cough turned to pneumonia and he died in hospital. He did not have the flu, probably not even a cold but he did have a cold house which may, or may not, have contributed to his death. Two years ago he was still working outside in a vineyard which was on hilly country, didn't smoke and travelled regularly but didn't want large power bills.

bella95, Jun 16, 1:28am
veejay l got an email not a letter, perhaps you did too. Is it possible it's ended up in your junk folder?

veejay13, Jun 16, 9:28am
Thanks Bella, but no, nothing in my emails or junk either. I have talked to a few friends and acquaintances who are also eligible and have not received a letter, so perhaps they're still on the way.

veejay13, Jun 16, 1:56pm
Thanks Jill, and everybody else who has responded to my posts. I can tell you now that my letter from WINZ arrived in today's mail. phew!

jayemtoo, Jun 16, 2:11pm
Yes cold my not be the direct ‘cause! of colds and influenza it certainly can be a contributing factor in lowering a person’s immune system so when come into contact with an offending virus they are not as able to “fight” it off thereby raising the possibility of getting a cold, ‘flu or another illness.
Cold damp houses also increase the risk of mould formation which can have a detrimental effect on health, especially if already have an underlying health condition, once again the cold is a contributing factor to ill health.
People have also succumbed to hypothermia within their own homes with cold being the contributing factor.

bella95, Jun 17, 2:42am
Glad to hear veejay.
So pleased to have been given one. It will make a big difference that's for sure.

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