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phalanax, Jun 8, 8:53pm
Use a heater. dont end up in hospital because you got too cold at night while sleeping. theres no money to be saved by toughing it out. in fact you could be taking a big risk in doing so. keep warm. even if you isolate that heat to your bedroom.

r.g.nixon, Jun 8, 9:25pm
And wear gloves when you go for your morning run or walk. I do when it drops below 8 degrees.

lissie, Jun 8, 11:39pm
Gawd I hate sleeping in a heated bedroom - always end up waking up in a sweat. You just need a good duvet

jayemtoo, Jun 9, 8:42am
An electric blanket to pre heat the bed and a good duvet - preferably a feathers/down or wool rather than man-made fibres, and snug as all night.
I sleep in an I heated bedroom with a window open all year and never wake cold.

linzis, Jun 9, 9:16am
My 80yo Dad lives behind me. New house, fully insulated.
Wouldnt dream of an electric blanket, tight as a fishes arse when it comes to putting the heater on, heat pump!. forget it!
but as he is old school, does fill up hot water bottles. but last week badly burnt his hand, filling it up with boiling water from the kettle.
We have spent last week, backwards and forwards to Medical Centre getting it checked and redressed.
Looking into electric hot water bottles. using wheat/gel bags in the microwave are a no go for him. microwave is redundant.
Every winter we have the same battle.

articferrit, Jun 9, 9:28am
Can you get the nurse to tell him he needs to have a warm bed and recommend an electric blanket and show him how cheap they are and how little electricity they actually use?.

venna2, Jun 9, 10:09am
And we elderly ones are getting a top up to our National Super next month to pay for extra heating.

pcle, Jun 9, 10:21am
Won't you just spend that $700 winter power payment on heating?
Oops - $413 only use the heater every second night.

venna2, Jun 9, 11:00am
Well, that's what we're supposed to use it for. At least I won't feel quite so hesitant about turning on the heat pump. It's nothing like $700, though. I think it comes to $20 extra a month so that's only about $60. I'll check it.

Winter Energy PaymentImage


Soon you'll get the new Winter Energy Payment

The new Winter Energy Payment is to help with the cost of heating your home over winter.

If you're single, you'll get an extra $20.46 a week. Couples and people with dependent children will get an extra $31.82 a week. These payments will start from 1 July and continue until 29 September 2018.

See - just over $20 for 3-4 months.

lythande1, Jun 9, 12:17pm
haha. Cold does not kill you. Viruses do.
You cannot get money out of thin air, i you don't have it, then you don't have it.
We can use our heater a max of 4 hrs a day.
On low.

winnie54, Jun 9, 3:37pm
Polar Fleece Sheets. haven't used our electric blanket or felt the cold since we got them!

barbiedoll, Jun 9, 4:03pm
That's $80 a month for 3-4 months. Wow!

venna2, Jun 9, 5:33pm
No, it's $20.46 a month.

thuntzster, Jun 9, 5:59pm
Bought my parents Macpac Puffer jackets on special. Don't often see them not wearing them in Winter.

jayemtoo, Jun 9, 6:18pm
Yes $20 a week is always a help.

dibble35, Jun 9, 8:25pm
$20.46 a week, not per month.

petal1955, Jun 9, 9:44pm
Winter Energy Payment is $20.46 A WEEK for a single person

vomo2, Jun 10, 9:16am
So what will a couple with no dependents receive in the Winter Warmer benefit?

jayemtoo, Jun 10, 9:25am
It is the same - $31.82 a week

veejay13, Jun 10, 10:17am
Where did the information come from? I'm not doubting anyone's word at all - just haven't heard it anywhere except in this thread. sounds almost too good to be true. $20.46 per week would be a tremendous help.

veejay13, Jun 10, 10:25am
It's okay, I've just Googled and got the inside oil. Marvellous! I've just turned the heat pump up a notch (jolly cold here today).

dibble35, Jun 10, 1:00pm
Its in the quote/letter posted in #9

birdland12, Jun 10, 1:47pm
The oldies need it now, not next month.

r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 1:52pm
Power bills aren't usually due to be paid until about a month after the meter is read.

deecee2, Jun 10, 2:05pm
Can anyone tell me (roughly) how much a heat pump costs to run for 12 hours a day? During other winters, I've tried to postpone putting the heatpump on until about 5pm. I'm thinking now, with the extra $20.46 I can afford to turn it on earlier.

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