Pituitary Tumours

lythande1, Apr 6, 8:01am
there is a new program on Sky. A vet program. Trust Me, I'm A Vet.

There has been an increase in diabetic cats apparently. So
diet they say. So insulin and a diet change. Except it doesn't work with some. Now how does that happen?

This one vet, he does research, he investigated and found it's not diet
in 1/4 of them. Its a pituitary tumour.

This is super rare. In any animal. It took a while to be believed, but
the scans show it.

It causes an excess of growth hormone. This then screws up the pancreas
and insulin.All the endocrine system is connected. As in affects each other.

Anyway he then thought why are they getting these rare tumours. Because of our houses.
Nylon carpets, polyester curtains, all that stuff. The manufacturers
include a fire retardant among other things in this stuff.
cats lick, so they ingest a lot.

So humans? Well,yeah, he found pituitary tumours are also increasing in
humans too now, since about early 2000.

He said never mind cats, it's going to be a major health stuffup very soon.

probably a really good reason to go back to wool carpets and cotton or linen curtains etc. not to mention plastic bottles and the like.

342, Apr 6, 10:07am
Pituitary tumours in dogs is reasonably common especially in some breeds . it causes a condition called Cushings. I believe it is not common however in other species.

hazelnut2, Dec 5, 12:58am
Horses can also have Cushings. Causes excess hair growth amongst other symptoms.

Cushings is also in

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