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bubblegirlblack, Nov 30, 6:52pm
I get it in my legs and feet in bed at night. Magnesium tablets make me have weird dreams and the oil someone on here suggested was a lot of faffing about IMO (put on, wipe off, moisturise), can give a reaction (which it did) and didn't work anyway!
I don't use a lot of salt, hate bananas and hydrate well.
It's a mystery to me how to get rid of it.

oldbnz, Dec 3, 12:21pm
I use a natureopathic spray from the chemist called funnily enough Crampstop

kiwitrader43, Dec 12, 8:36am
Just buy Trailmix from Countdown The trace element spread from the imported ingredients and the large Potassium boost will kick in within 15 minutes. A half teaspoon of paprika washed down with water also compliments this. I do this once a week and it sustains my ligaments all week.

alleycatz, Dec 12, 4:21pm
if i get cramp or feel it coming on . i get up , half glass of warm water with level tspoon of salt , mix/stir well , gulp down , wash moth out with warm tap water . go back to bed. all good. never failed to help. if i have been working hard and sweating heaps , i do this BEFORE going to bed.

samanya, Dec 12, 4:36pm
cider vinegar helps me . a good dollop in a glass of water.

petal1955, Dec 12, 6:15pm
Put a block of camphor in the bed

colliers, Dec 29, 11:38am
A banana at bedtime works for me - and I was getting severe leg cramp. When I do get cramp at other times I just have a small amount of salt on my finger. Gets rid of the cramp fairly quickly.

ross67, Dec 29, 11:59am

wendalls, Dec 29, 7:52pm
Yep try foods high in potassium and magnesium since you say you have enough sodium. Was wondering why all the magnesium I had wasn't helping. Then I read about high caffeine intake preventing absorption and decided that was my problem.
I do hot yoga and sweat excessively. Need to be careful to replace everything I sweat out each time. Husband also sweats excessively with exercise. He used to Cramp to the point of hands in a claw shape. He has atrial fibrillation taking multiple cardiac medications now in early 40's which I believe to have been brought on by fluid and electrolyte imbalance as it's a known trigger. The meds also drop his blood pressure as a side effect which is also dangerous when he dehydrates. He has to drink 2litres after mowing our lawns in summer.

kiwitrader43, Dec 30, 5:31pm
Selenium drops from the chemist

rainrain1, Dec 31, 8:33am
Heard of someone taking fruit salts for cramp

baalamb, Dec 31, 11:50am
I know its an old wives tale, but I find putting a cake of soap at the bottom of the bed helps.
When I tried it and found it worked, I suspected it was a psychological thing, but suddenly had one night where the cramp came back. Checked next morning, soap had fallen onto the floor.
There are a few sites that give possible reasons why it could work, they do all say that the soap needs to be replaced from time to time.

squash18, Dec 31, 4:34pm
Cramp spray from the health shop, works wonder

paora-tm, Dec 31, 5:14pm
Not so sure everyone gets cramp for the same reason. I blame mine on my awful reflux. I avoid dates (high potassium) in the evening because I'm pretty sure they are part of the cause. Chewing gaviscon tablet(s) before bed usual helps eliminate them for me - which is why I blame reflux. I can be lying in bed on one side and be okay until I turn over onto the other side and WHAM!

paora-tm, Dec 31, 5:29pm
My cramps are different. They used to be in my calf muscle which were 'cured' by pulling my toes back. Now they're mainly in my feet, making my toes curl upwards tightly and massaging my calf muscle helps to make it go away.

wine-o-clock, Feb 20, 1:01am
avoid potatoes (high starch)

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